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Patient-based funding begins for long-term care residents – March 1, 2013

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Funding for long-term care centre residents will be based on the specific 

health care needs of each person under a new funding model being implemented.

 The new funding model – called Patient Care Based Funding – is designed to provide 

equitable funding for every resident in long-term care across the province.

“The more care a resident needs, the more funding their care providers will receive,” 

ensure sustainable funding for providers. About half of all long-term care residents

said David O’Brien, Senior Vice President, Primary and Community Care.  

 will see funding levels increase for their care,

AHS-operated long-term care sites began implementation April 1, 2012,

while AHS-owned subsidiaries Carewest, CapitalCare & Covenant Health will

implement the new funding model at their 17 long-term care centres starting March 1, 2013. 

Preparation for this model has been taking place for several years.  

They will continue to closely monitor these facilities to make sure residents continue to 

receive safe, quality care


–  Has client funding changed accordingly where this protocol has been implemented?  

– Will there be pressure to raise the alleged needs of the client such as unnecessary 
diapering in order to increase funding for the facility?

 – Who will monitor the funding protocol?

O’Brien assures us  “We want to make sure the care Alberta residents receive in 

these long-term care facilities continues to meet the safety and quality standards that 

we have seen, and that residents and their families expect and deserve”.

Unfortunately we do not share Mr. O’Brien’s positive observations. 

In LTC, food is often substandard.
Baths or showers,  maybe, once a week.
Because there is no viable, enforceable, protective legislation, seniors can be 
harmed with impunity in elder care facilities.  

In recent years, it has become public knowledge that LTC residents have suffered 
theft, dehydration, starvation, asphyxiation, fatal scalding, rape, assault, total neglect, 
malpractice and other unbelievable happenings. 

We can find little evidence or intent 
by government to guarantee safety for the vulnerable victims of these crimes. 
Disregard & silence meets the reporting of horrific, deadly abuse.