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Seniors across Alberta, have been subjected to an injustice of unspeakable magnitude.
Silence, surrounding the violation of senior rights, has been deafening.

We have publicly alleged that the Simard MD & DriveABLE pilot project is a massive,
sophisticated multi-million dollar scam which has been perpetrated against the older
citizens of this Province by government and private interests. Unfortunately some physicians,
have bought into this corrupt protocol. Over 8,000 drivers have lost their right to drive.

Bonnie Dobbs PhD, founder of Simard MD has widely published and perpetrated the concept that
“A cognitively intact person of any age, will do well on the Simard MD”
That concept is false and is the false premise that is the cornerstone of the Simard MD and
DriveABLE pilot project.

Those who score low on the Simard MD test are then referred to the DriveABLE computer based test,
developed by husband Allan R. Dobbs PhD, who is a 15.7% voting shareholder President & CEO of
the lucrative multi-national, multi-million dollar DRIVEABLE ASSESSMENT CORPORATION INC.
DriveABLE has harmed and is harming safe drivers. DriveABLE misclassifies drivers as unsafe
and cognitively impaired when in fact misclassified drivers are then found to be cognitively
intact & safe drivers.

DriveABLE Assessment Corp inc. has not apologized to those who have been victimized or remedied
their expenses in their struggle to become relicensed, nor has government / Alberta Transportation
offered remediation or financial reimbursement. Some have taken months or even a year of financial
and emotional cost to re-obtain their right to drive, some Class I licensees.

A DriveABLE Assessment costs $250.00 in Edmonton, Ontario $700.00. We have been told by voting
shareholders and do believe that the DriveABLE Assessment Corp. Inc. receives only a small portion
of the cost paid by clients, perhaps as low as $30.00. Where does all the money go?
Last week, we asked the RCMP to investigate.

Elder Advocates of Alberta Society
Press Release published prior to meeting with Transportation, Alberta Legislature Rm # 125
18 / 01/ 16