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Psych Drugs Take Your Mind Prisoner

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The Most Dangerous Thing You Will Ever Do
Peter Breggin, MD
The most dangerous thing you will ever do is see a psychiatrist. Why? Because there is a near certainty you will be given a neurotoxic
psychiatric drug or even electroshock, and because the information given to you will totally mislead you about your real problems and how to
overcome them. Without realizing what is happening, you will be seriously at risk of becoming a lifelong prisoner of psychiatric drugs and the demoralizing misinformation provided by your doctor.
I am a psychiatrist and I have been watching my profession deteriorate for many decades. This is my most direct written statement about the dangers of stepping inside a modern psychiatrist’s office. My conclusions are the culmination of mountains of research authored by me and by an increasing number of other psychiatrists, scientists and journalists.
How Psychiatric Drugs Take Your Mind Prisoner
When the brain is harmed by almost any widespread intrusion-multiple concussions and traumatic brain injury (TBI), severe infections (encephalitis), lightning strikes or electroshock treatment, and psychiatric drugs–the ultimate result is generalized harm to mental functioning. These global injuries always include harm to the frontal
lobes, the seat of consciousness, rationality, the ability to love and al our other highest human capacities.
Injury to the frontal lobes, whose functions also include self-insight or self-awareness, renders victims unable to personally assess the degree
of harm being done to them. I have called this effect medication spellbinding- how psychiatric drugs render us unable to fully grasp the
harm they are doing to us.
All psychiatric drugs are potent neurotoxins that so disrupt higher mental functioning and emotional regulation that people taking them almost never have adequate awareness of how much harm the drugs are doing to their body, brain and mind, their energy and wil power, and their overall quality of life.