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Tanya Kuehn & Deborah Ardessi, Public Advocates Attempt to Mislead Court

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Public Advocates attempt to mislead the court.

On July 12, 2010, Public Guardian Officer, Debra Ardessi made Application to the court for an Order, to deny Robert Crowe to visit Cassandra Caldwell and she be disallowed to visit him. Ms. Ardessi filed an untruthful affidavit in the court, which slandered Robert Crowe. Alberta Justice Council Tanya Kuehn filed a Brief in the court with similar slanderous allegations against Robert Crowe. They filed these sworn documents in order to support their Application to deny Kassandra Caldwell and Robert Crowe the right to associate.


Court File Number : DA03 05403

Court Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta (Surrogate Matter)

Judicial District Edmonton

Name of Person in respect of
whom the application is made Kasandra Caldwell
Procedure Application for Restraining Order, Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act

Document Affidavit

Name of Person Making Elder Advocates of Alberta Society Application

Date of Affidavit July 15, 2010

1. I, Ruth Maria Adria ,of the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Chair of the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society, MAKE OATH AND SAY AS FOLLOWS:

2. We, the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society advocate for and speak in defense of vulnerable persons, persons who in our society are granted little or no voice. Therefore, we have an interest in this matter.

3. We strongly oppose the Public Guardian’s Application of July the 12th 2010 . We find the proposal to be cruel and unjust.

4. We met with Kasandra at her residence on the evening of July 14 , 2010. Robert Crowe had not been informed of our visit to her nor had Kasandra been informed of our visit. We say this to confirm that Mr. Crowe had not in any way prompted or influenced what Kasandra stated to us at the time of our meeting.

5. She has told us that she wishes Robert Crowe to visit her and she to visit with him. She indicated that she does not receive any other visitors and this proposed restriction would place her in isolation by default and would result in punishment of her.

6. Kasandra Caldwell is a Canadian Citizen who has inherent rights. Granting of this order, would be a violation of her basic right of association guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Section 2(d) .

7. We submit that we find this order is unnecessary, obtrusive and unwanted by the subject of this proposed restriction. Kasandra Caldwell has been read the Application and has clearly stated that she does not want this restriction placed upon her.

8. She has also clearly stated that she does not wish Mr. Ian Meikle to represent her as counsel because he fails to act according to her wishes and act in her best interests.

9. We respectfully wish to bring to the attention of the Court a sworn affidavit, dated March 23rd, 2010 by Public Guardian Officer Deborah Ardessi which contained, slanderous allegations against Robert Crowe. A Brief filed March the 19th 2010 by Counsel Tanya Kuehn, contained similar allegations .

10. When this matter was dealt with on April 7th, 2010 at the Surrogate Court by the Honourable Justice D. Lee, Mr. Crowe strongly objected to the allegations, claiming they were false . Upon questioning by the Honorable Justice Lee, Ms. Kuehn acknowledged that they had no factual basis and the allegations were merely hearsay.

11. I make this Affidavit in support of an objection to the granting of the proposed Order as cited in the Notice of Motion, filed by the office of the Public Guardian July 12th, 2010 .

TO:The Clerk of the Court
AND TO:The respondent AND TO:Ian Meikle, Counsel for Kasandra Caldwell AND TO: Office of the Public Trustee
AND TO: The Office of the Public Guardian