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Public Guardian Abuse Myrtle Hofer

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Court of Queens Bench, Surrogate Court Lethbridge
Tuesday August 17, 2010 @ 10:00AM

Myrtle Hofer, 87 years old

The government has seriously bullied Mrs. Hofer, apprehending / abducting her,
18, 2010, with two RCMP officers and detaining her for the past two months as
if she was a dangerous criminal. The Office of the Public Guardian & the Office
of the Public Trustee have totally suspended the civil and charter rights of
Mrs. Myrtle Hofer.

Mohinder Bajwa & Rosaline Pakpahan, Public Guardian Calgary who apprehended her
should be sharply disciplined for their behavior in this matter. Also Tobi-Lyn
Dawn McRae & Grant Harker, Public Guardian Office, Lethbridge who directed to
have Mrs. Hofer DETAINED UNDER GUARD, on an Alzheimer ward in a room designated
for storage, at the Raymond Good Samaritan Prairie Ridge Care Centre. Stripped
of her cell phone so that no one could contact her, visitors restricted, all
under the guise of protecting her.

We submit that she has been made to suffer unimaginable, frightening emotional
trauma. However this elderly woman, despite this ordeal, was able to recall
the cell phone number of her friend & former Pastor, George Walters. She called
him a number of times from the nursing desk phone, pleading with
him to free her. A Directive by the Public Guardian named him as a person
disallowed to visit her.

Has the imposed, frightening treatment been discussed with her? Myrtle Hofer
has stated that she wants to manage HER money. Have her wishes been considered
or even heard per the PRINCIPLES of the Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act?

This Canadian citizen was totally self sufficient prior to the egregious
intervention into her life. She planned for her future, a Personal Directive &
Power of Attorney prepared with Krushel Farrington, Law Firm of Lethbridge,
April 23, 2010. Prior to this, on, April 21, 2010, she had sought a cognitive
assessment by her long time physician Dr. E. Lewke – Bogle BA, MD, CCFP, FCFP,
& had an almost perfect score of 29 /30 on her Foulstein mini-mental exam.
She was also able to perfectly copy the design on the exam.
Subsequently, Dr. E. Lewke – Bogle wrote:
“I feel very confident in indicating this 87 year old lady is indeed
very competent and able to handle her financial affairs and does not need a
Trusteeship or Guardianship at this time”
“Government, lawyers & courts should not be allowed to further devastate this
woman’s life. We have strongly objected to Counsel by letter, to the suggestion
that the Public Trustee be appointed. APPOINTING THE OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC TRUSTEE