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Myrtle Hofer: Senior apprehended by Public Guardian

On June 16, 2010, Ms.Tobi-Dawn McRae, Public Guardian Officer, Lethbridge made an ex parte Application to the court for the apprehension of Mrs. Hofer…

B.C. man loses right to care for wife

An elderly B.C. man says a provincial health authority stripped him and his wife of their legal and financial rights after he complained bitterly about his wife’s care in the long-term care wing of a local hospital. “She would have been far better at home,” said George Brent, 83, of his wife’s care at the […]

Simard, MD Driving Test

We have learned that the Simard MD test is being used by the Primary Care Network personnel to test Alberta Seniors to see if they are fit to drive…

Emma Frank: Abuse of a dependent adult

THE PUBLIC TRUSTEE’S OFFICE refuses to disclose how much money has been received by their office regarding the sterilization of Emma, or fees charged by law firm Field…


Betty Anne Gagnon, 48, was blind and mentally handicapped.  She died alone under horrific, unthinkable circumstances. Marilyn Lane, 42, who from childhood suffered from Downs Syndrome,  burned to death in an unlicensed, unmonitored Capilano group home. Both, were not under the protection of the Public Guardian or under  private guardianship. However, in our world, we continue […]

Betty Anne Gagnon: Sister, brother-in-law charged with manslaughter

EDMONTON — Betty Anne Gagnon was 48 years old when she died, barely able to see and unable to care for herself, was found dead on Nov. 20/09, curled in the front seat of a pickup truck parked at a gas station near Edmonton. Her face was bruised and one eye was black. According to […]

Trespass Notices & Restriction of Visitors

When Irene S. guardian and trustee of her mother, attended at the nursing home to visit her mother, the police were called. Two policemen arrived and asked her to leave. She had previously complained about the care her mother was receiving and was not aware that a “trespass notice” had been sent to her. Her […]

Helen Tiedeman: Unlawfully detained and locked in alzheimer unit

The Abuse of Helen Tiedeman, Helen Tiedman has told us this morning that it is one full year since she has been detained. I responded to her that it is October 1, 2009, she replied, “No, October 2nd”. As usual, she is totally oriented to date and time…

Peter Radesh: Detained at the Royal Alex

We find it troubling that seniors are being detained in active treatment beds. Many are given little or no nursing care. They have no recreation…

Dora Cinciruk: Locked away unlawfully against her will

Dora was an independent tax paying citizen, always paid her utilities, was never involved in criminal activities, loved her home, enjoyed planting a large garden. Last October, she injured her foot. In November, 2009, she entered the U of A Hospital, never again allowed to return to her home. While at the hospital for treatment, […]

Deceptive Government Publication

The Publication by the Office of the Public Guardian, UNDERSTANDING PERSONAL DIRECTIVES, states that the law in Alberta, does not allow family members to make decisions on their behalf. However, after making a search, we found that no such law exists…

Third Call for Public Inquiry

A physician, has a powerful quasi-judicial position in society by virtue of the reliance, by the judicial system and al, on his assessments. In that his assessment can lead to the detaining of lawful citizens behind locked doors and removal of property and human rights…


April 19, 2010, @ 2:00 PM Edmonton Court House Queens Bench Surrogate Court Re: Vera Croucher matter (Confidential Patient) May 3rd, 2010, @ 2:00 PM Edmonton Court House Queens Bench Surrogate Court: Re: Dora Cinciruk who has been unlawfully detained. June 21 & 22nd, 2010, @ 9:30 AM Fort Saskatchewan Provincial  Court. Fort Saskatchewan Court house House, […]


 -Edmonton Court of Queens Bench Surrogate Court, Edmonton, AB. March 29, 2010, Monday @ 2:00 PM  Hearing in regard to Stephen Pillott, 104 years old A son is suing him. – Edmonton Court of Queens Bench Surrogate Court, Edmonton, AB. April 12, 2010, @ 2:00 PM Application for Guardianship & Trusteeship of Dora Cinciruk who […]


 – Edmonton Court of Queens Bench, Surrogate Court, Edmonton, AB. Monday, March 1, 2010 @ 2:00 PM Application, Trusteeship & Guardianship re: Helen Tiedemann of Tofield,  (Detained in Vegreville Care Center, detained / imprisoned for 8 months behind locked doors in secure unit with cognitively impaired persons, disallowed to leave center at any time) total violation of […]