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DriveABLE test required for renewal of Operator’s License

We have advised the Honourable Minister of Transportation that Driver Fitness and Monitoring staff, continue to require that senior drivers subject themselves to the DriveABLE computer test. We have received documentation that a Reviewing Officer, has demanded by means of written letter & enclosure, that a senior take DriveABLE testing if they wish to have […]

Alberta Driver Fitness illegally demands DriveABLE assessment

In this letter to a senior truck driver, Alberta Driver Fitness & Monitoring Officer L. Benson falsely indicates that a DriveABLE assessment is required to obtain his license. “In addition, succesfully pass the DriveABLE Assessment and have all results forwarded to this office for consideration of an appeal review.” This is in direct contradiction to […]

Olga Tavares, Request for answers from Driver Fitness and Monitoring Branch

What gives your department the authority to demand that Alberta senior citizens, who apply to have their driving licenses renewed, be subjected to a Simard MD test or be referred for testing to DriveAble, a private for profit agency?

Seniors referred to unnecessary Simard assessment

“Alberta Transportation does not require that individuals complete a Simard MD or DriveAble assessment for renewal of their Operator’s License”…