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In a CHED radio broadcast, August 27/14 @ 9:00 AM, Professor Allan Dobbs PhD
stated, that all seniors who are referred for a DriveABLE test:
“because of confirmed or suspected impairment”
This is blatantly untruthful. Later in the interview, he stated this again
with emphasis:
“Remember, These people that are referred for DriveABLE assessment, all have
cognitive impairment”.
The truth is that they are referred to the $250. DriveABLE test because they
scored low on the SIMARD MD, (could not name enough vegetables found at the
super-market) a test developed by Mrs.Bonnie Dobbs PhD et al,
a test that sets up the senior for failure and then referral to DriveABLE.
Bonnie Dobbs has widely published the fallacy that:
“A cognitively intact person can easily pass the Simard MD”.
The test is the cornerstone of this corrupt protocol.
Albertans across the province, who have failed the Simard MD and the DriveABLE
computer based test have proven, after head scans, cognitive testing,
psychological testing, road tests, hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars,
and months of mental anguish, that in fact they were indeed cognitively intact
& re-obtained their license to drive (sometimes a Class I).
This protocol generously benefits Allen Dobbs who is a part owner of the
private for profit, multi-national, multi-million dollar, DRIVEABLE ASSESSMENT

We are enraged that a segment of the population, older Albertans, are being
subjected to a mandatory, abusive, ageist protocol that is based on
fallacies, deliberate untruths, intimidation, legal threats & greed.
And no one has the moral courage to say, enough already!