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Testing senior drivers

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The Minister of Transportation for Alberta says he will not
change the rules for mandatory cognitive testing of 75-plus-
year-old drivers. Cognitive testing is a good idea but why
are seniors, who are the most experienced and careful drivers
on the road today, being targeted by the Minister? Human
factors experts and road safety professionals have long
advocated that all drivers should have cognitive testing and
be retested on a regular basis to check their driving skills
as well as to keep them up to date on changes to the rules
of the road and new traffic signs. If the Minister of
Transportation is serious about ensuring that Alberta roads
are used by competent drivers, he should first target the
estimated 20,000-plus drivers who continue to drive while
under suspension. These drivers have lost their licences due
to a range of charges including dangerous driving; driving
with undue care and attention; and driving under the
influence of alcohol and/or drugs often causing bodily harm
or death to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians.Many
of these drivers are repeat offenders with several decades of
offences. In addition, there are an estimated 5,000 drivers on
Alberta roads with expired registration and/or no insurance.
Cognitive testing is a good idea for all drivers not just for
Hopefully, the Minister of Transportation will first focus on
getting the scofflaws and repeat offenders off the road for as
long as possible. John & Lorraine Morrall
Letters Calgary Sun, December 30, 2014
(John Morrall P.Eng. F.CSCE, Professor Emeritus U.of C)