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“Then I can’t be your doctor”.

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A senior Alberta citizen accompanied by a friend, went to her doctor. She needed a prescription refill and felt she was sufferingfrom a urinary tract infection. The doctor, who had received a report from a home care worker insisted that he give her a mini-mental exam.She refused and he refused to treat her. She and friend left.(We have learned that home care workers are reporting on the mental status of seniors).Some days later, senior Alberta citizen with friend attended at another physician’s office in the area, different clinic. She again statedher needs. This physician gave her a requisition for urinalysis and a renewal prescription but then kept questioning senior about her homecare and other things. Physician then asked her to take a cognitive test, even insisted that she be tested. Senior refused. The physician grabbed the urinalysis requisition Form from senior and said: “If you don’t take the test, then I can’t be your doctor”. Senior and friend left.