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Toolkit for the Early Identification of Mental Health Disorders in Seniors

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“It’s time to wake up.”
This is getting damn well scary, when Bonnie Dobbs, the advisor
to the Ontario, Alberta & B.C. Ministry’s of Transportation &
architect of the infamous, and and faulty SIMARD, MD, dementia
test for Seniors, accepted by the Governments of Alberta & BC,
in dealing with Senior Drivers. Now has concocted an EARLY
only available to Doctors, etc. Bonnie Dobbs is known for Her
views on Seniors, in that She believes that once you reach 65
Years of age, most have dementia, and has pressured the Provincial
Governments of Alberta & British Columbia to adopt this ageism
policy. And of Course will lead to more work for Her Husband’s
business, DriveABLE.
In BC, elderly drivers must take a medical and this humiliating
Dementia test, every time they apply for their licences. In
Alberta, the doctors use the Simard MD in assessing elderly drivers,
when they get a medical, without notifying the person.

Now, Dobbs,as an Advisor to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation
& when conditions are right, these secret Early Identification of
Mental Health Disorder in Seniors could become compulsory for
Doctors to administer & the patient, or elderly driver, would never
know it has been applied to him or her.

This Discrimination of the Elderly must stop. If you care for your
future, all elderly and their organizations had better take note.
I have done everything that I know of to alert the population, but
if action is not taken by the elderly, or those that state “They are
Advocates of Elderly”, do not do something now, there is no doubt,
things will get worse, as these forces continue to work, under the table.

Sincerely, Ed. Rockburne, RCMP , Retired, rcmpvetsnational.ca