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Upcoming Hearing -Court of Appeal -Thursday,May 3, 2012 @ 10:00AM – Edmonton Court House

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March 4, 2010, Lillian Baker went to her bank where she 

kept her savings. (She usually banked at another bank)

A clerk told her that they could not give her any of her hard 

earned money because she was under the trusteeship of 

her daughter. Karen. She was in total shock. 

Court had appointed Daughter, Karen as  her trustee.

Lillian had never mismanaged her money, Karen’s lawyer 
had mislead the court & the court granted the Trusteeship.  
Lillian had not been served with the court Application & 
therefore had not retained counsel  to object to the Application.  
She was  nnot aware of trusteeship until 2 years after the Order.
That day the bank would not give Lillian any further information
 about her account and even ordered her to leave the bank.

For some reason, the clerk gave her a printout detailing some 
months of activity of her account  A review of the printout 
revealed that daughter had spent thousands & thousands of 
dollars, holidays, cigarettes and booze,  dinners, all at Lillian’s 
            Lillian immediately appealed to Office of Public Trustee 
and the Investigations Officer of the AGTA, Charlotte LaRose. 
After about 9 months of stalling and disregarding Lillian, they 
(Public Trustee & LaARose) wrote / stated that there had been 
no wrong doing – that her complaint was “unfounded”
Lillian appealed to the Edmonton Police Service, but Public 
Trustee instructed Police not to investigate. Police also could 
not investigate complaint because  the AGTA legislation only 
allows the court & the Office of the Public Trustee access to 
the bank account.
                        Lillian phoned lawyer after lawyer looking for help.  
                        She never gave up, month after month, year after 
year, seeking help.
Police have now opened a file and are in the process of laying 
Daughter put her name on title of house.
Daughter paid a deposit & several months rent (with mother’s
 money) on a senior’s home room & with the help of  a psychiatrist 
& a physician, they almost succeeded to have Lillian pushed into 
a waiting car that would have taken her to the home.
            There are many contributing abusers in this bizarre story.
Lillian had been good to her daughter.  Lillian signed for bank loans 
for her, approximately $20,000 (never repaid.)
            When daughter was in difficulty, her mother took her home &
 gave her money.
Daughter committed credit card bankruptcy twice.
It is a heartbreaking story.

Her lawyer has informed us that he has proof of theft, fraud and perjury.