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89 Year Olds House Stolen – Identity Theft

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An 89-year-old man had his North York bungalow stolen from him in a matter of title fraud. Paul Reviczky, who fled Hungary in 1957 to escape Communist persecution, is one of the latest homeowners to discover that Ontario law favours banks, mortgage companies and purchasers over victims of fraud.Reviscky

Ministers of the Ontario Government are wringing their hands but failing to protect the elderly man and failing to restore his property to him. Gerry Philips, Minister of Government Services says “This is a high priority for our government & we are treating it seriously.” Reviczky purchased the property to generate a rental income that would help pay for the education of relatives back in Hungary.

Reviczky is now aware that he allegedly “sold his house” through the Power of Attorney that had been notarized by a lawyer named Sheldon Caplan, who practices law in North York & Barrie Ont. Real Estate, Corporate and law relating to Wills. Reviczky says he was surprised to see at the bottom of the Power of Attorney which Caplan notarized above what appears to be his scribbled initials a notation that the document was “acknowledged before me this 18th day of April 2006 by Reviczky Paul, who is personally known to me of who has produced Driver’s Licence.”

“I have never retained solicitor Sheldon Caplan,” Reviczky has said “I do not know him and did not communicate with him.”

It was the fraudulent “Power of Attorney” that made possible the sale of Reviczky’s home.