"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

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Bill Rowe from the Berwyn Autumn Lodge

Bill Rowe from the Berwyn Autumn Lodge. If someone claims sexual abuse today, the RCMP come running, the media starts taking notes and the world starts to tune into the issue, meanwhile SENIORS MENTAL ABUSE gets ignored My name is Bill Rowe, I am being abused and this is my story. I hope someone is […]

End of Life Restrictions

A good time for Baby Boomers

NB. The information outlined in Ms. Lai’s report, “Alberta’s Continuing Care System” was not shared with Albertans until 2013. In April of this year, Ms. Vivien Lai, a senior policy advisor with Alberta Health and Wellness made a presentation at a symposium in Japan. Entitled “Alberta’s Continuing Care System,” this presentation outlined with scary candor the […]

Lethbridge Plan Would Shuffle Vulnerable Long-term Care Residents off to Lower Standards of Care

A new plan to shuffle residents in the St. Michaels auxiliary hospital in Lethbridge to a new “designated assisted living” facility is a prime example of cuts in standards and services in long-term care says the United Nurses of Alberta….

Supportive Living Accommodation Licensing Act

The above named proposed legislation which is before the legislature is an extremely important piece of legislation which will ultimately affect thousands of Alberta senior citizens…

Conversion of Long Term Care Facilities to Assisted Living Facilities

Presently a new industry has sprung up across Alberta and even across Canada. Entrepreneurs are setting up Designated…

Elder Abuse in Assisted Living Facility

In July 2007, Mr. Washylk was denied access by Ms. Marilyn Wright RN, Case Manager, Capital Health, to a Personal Directive, which he had allegedly signed despite the PERSONAL DIRECTIVES ACT…

George Hennig Place

My concern, and the concern of my other family members is the need for more money or better distribution of money for SEniors Housing and Care Facilities…