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Blackadar Continuing Care Centre

Blackadar Care Centre contravenes province’s long-term care legislation. The Hamilton nursing home lost power for more than 13 hours. Internal documents show it wasn’t an isolated incident ? The call bells used to summon staff for help stopped working the instant the nursing home lost power during a major winter storm last Dec. 23. So […]

Psychiatrists Call on Ottawa to Delay Expansion of MAID.

PSYCHIATRISTS CALL ON OTTAWA TO DELAY EXPANSION OF MAID. COMMENTS — The association representing the lead psychiatrists at Canada’s 17 medical schools is calling on the federal government to delay the expansion of assisted dying to people with mental illness, joining an increasingly vocal group of doctors who say proper safeguards are not yet in […]

Lucas Kopijewski arrested for “grandparent scam”

GRANDPARENT SCAM “There have been over 36 complainants in the Edmonton area since March of 2022 and there are new complainants being identified every week.”Calgary Police A 30-year-old Lucas Kopijewski is facing six charges of fraud over $5,000 after police claim he targeted seniors with what’s known as a “grandparent scam.” Edmonton Police Service began […]

SIMARD-MD is not an Effective Driver Screening Tool

GERIATRICS JOURNAL HOME / ARCHIVES / VOL. 24 NO. 1 (2021) / Original Research . The SIMARD-MD is not an Effective Driver Screening Tool for Determining Fitness-To-Drive . AUTHORS Alexander M. Crizzle University of Waterloo, University of Saskatchewan Nadia Mullen Lakehead University Diane Mychael St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph Natasha Meger Saskatchewan Health Authority Ryan […]

Government Inaction on Senior Issues

July 6, 2022 . Government Inaction on senior issues may be innocuous for politicians but not victims. . The Elder Advocates of Alberta Society asks how free and compassionate our society is if criminal charges are not laid against those who commit abusive crimes against seniors? Is it unfair to label judges and politicians as […]

“Government inaction on senior issues”

PRESSS RELEASE JULY 6, 2022 Alberta Seniors July 6, 2022 – Government Inaction on senior issues may be innocuous for politicians but not victims. . The Elder Advocates of Alberta Society asks how free and compassionate our society is if criminal charges are not laid against those who commit abusive crimes against seniors? Is it […]

Alberta Senior Citizens Left To Die

LEFT TO DIE. – March 2, 2021 Dr. Verna Yiu, President & CEO Alberta Health Services (AHS) Seventh Street Plaza, 14th Floor, North Tower 10030 – 107 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3E4 – Dear Madam: REFERENCE: AHS cancels contract with Calgary long term care facility, Millrise Seniors Village 14911 – 5th Street S.W. Calgary, […]

“Stop trying to kill us off”

THE LEGALIZATION OF PREMATURE DEATH AS A TREATMENT OPTION IS A THREAT TO DIABLED PEOPLE. — Jane Campbell The Guardian UK – Assisted dying is not a simple question of increasing choice for those of us who live our lives close to death. It raises deep concerns about how we are viewed by society and […]

Alberta Elder Abuse Day: Much Needs to be Done.

The Elder Advocates of Alberta Society issued this statement recognizing Elder Abuse Day, June 15, 2022 – During a time and an age when government popularity and the concept of human rights are closely tied politically to each other, Alberta’s seniors still suffer within our institutions. The Elder Advocates of Alberta Society (EAAS) receives \ […]

“Provinces face precarious fiscal positions—even post-pandemic”

“PROVINCES FACE PRECARIOUS FISCAL POSITIONS – EVEN POST PANDEMIC” ———– Jake Fuss of the Fraser Institute has written an article citing the high cost of senior health care. He writes:“As the senior population increases in Canada, there will be significant pressure placed on provincial health care budgets. Seniors use more health-care resources than other age […]

BC Postpones Surgeries Due Staff Shortages

OVER 3,000 BC UNVACCINATED HEALTH WORKERS HAVE BEEN PUT ON UNPAID HEALTH LEAVE. — British Columbia hospitals are postponing surgeries due to staffing shortages created by unvaccinated health-care workers who have been put on unpaid leave, says Health Minister Adrian Dix. Dix said Monday that 3,325 health-care workers across the province have not been immunized […]

Firing Health Care Workers Raises Ethical Concerns

FIRING HEALTH CARE WORKERS WHO REFUSE VACCINATION RAISES ETHICAL CONCERNS experts ==== ‘I get very uncomfortable with people being fired over this,’ says bioethicist Kerry Bowman Would you refuse the COVID-19 vaccine at the risk of losing your job? That’s a question thousands of unvaccinated Canadian health-care workers are grappling with. (Tara Walton/The Canadian Press) […]

Quebec High Covid-19 Death Toll

11,289 PEOPLE HAVE DIED IN QUEBEC of COVID-19, many of them RESIDENTS IN LONG TERM CARE HOMES —– Disorganized elder care in Quebec contributed to COVID 19 death toll: report Castonguay released preliminary report on state of health and social services network for seniors Quebec’s health and welfare commissioner says the disorganized and poorly evaluated […]

Ont. Gov. proposes fines for aberrant nursing homes

COVID-19 PANDEMIC KILLED 3,824 ELDERLY NURSING HOME RESIDENTS. The Ontario government would have the power for the first time to fine nursing homes and appoint a supervisor to take control of the most dysfunctional facilities under proposed legislation aimed at holding the sector accountable for how it looks after those under its care. The new […]

Heat warning

Dr. Verna You CEO Alberta Health Services — Dear Madame: REFERENCE:HEAT WARNING — Please advise: At this time of extreme heat, what is being done to safeguard vulnerable elderly and handicapped, who across the province are housed in care facilities that do not have air conditioning? We would be grateful to be in receipt of […]