"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

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Brain of an Elderly Person

*THE BRAIN OF AN ELDERLY PERSON.* SOURCE: NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE The director of the George Washington University College of Medicine argues that the brain of an elderly person is much more plastic than is commonly believed. At this age, the interaction of the right and left hemispheres of the brain becomes harmonious, which […]

Bill C-7 Expands Euthanasia Law

HOW Bill C-7 EXPANDS THE EUTHANASIA LAW IN CANADA. Bill C-7 removes the requirement in the law that a person’s natural death be reasonably foreseeable to qualify for Medical Assisted In Dying (MAiD). People who are not terminally ill can be killed by MAiD. The Quebec Truchon court decision, that led to Bill C-7 only […]

Seclusion & Restraint in Mental Hospitals

Restraint and seclusion are behavioural management interventions that should be used as a last resort to control a behavioural emergency. Behavioural emergencies are often the result of unmet health, functional, or psychosocial needs, and you can often reduce, eliminate, or manage such emergencies by addressing the conditions that produced them. Restraints include the use of […]

Class Action Lawsuit Seclusion In Mental Hospitals

CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT CITING ALLEGED USE OF PROLONGED ISOLATION ON MENTAL PATIENTS. The legal battle against solitary confinement in Canada has moved beyond the prisons in a proposed class-action lawsuit against a high-security psychiatric hospital for its alleged use of prolonged isolation on patients. The lawsuit accuses the Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care in […]

Alberta Mental Health Act Unconstitutional

A patient at Calgary’s Foothills Medical Centre who was detained under the Mental Health Act has successfully challenged the constitutionality of the law. Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Kristine Eidsvik ruled Wednesday that sections of the act infringe on the Charter. Alberta now has 1 year to fix its Mental Health Act after court rules […]


Why would a homeless man who was receiving 3 meals a day, a warm bed and kindness, scale a fence and walk back to the inner city? Probably because Alberta Hospital Edmonton is not a place of kindness. It has been alleged that it is a house of horrors, a place of control, threats and […]

Disappearing patients at Alberta Hospital

Disappearing patients at Alberta Hospital prompts review Psychiatric patients have wandered away from Alberta Hospital, the main mental health facility in Edmonton Health-care officials call it “elopement against medical advice” and a common occurrence at psychiatric facilities around the world. But after a flurry of recent cases in Alberta, including a 44-year-old woman who vanished […]

Mental Health Review Panel

We submit that Mental Health Review Panel hearings, Mental Health assessments /Certificates and capacity assessments must be recorded and transcribed. We have empirical evidence of the injustices that are committed as a result of the present, flawed protocol. Canadian citizens are being unjustly stripped of all rights and assets and detained behind locked doors as […]

Dr. Candace Walker, Villa Caritas

May 30, 2011 Complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons against: Dr. Candace Walker, Psychiatrist Villa Caritas Dr, Michael Buchinski, Clinical Director, Villa Caritas, Edmonton, AB. Dr. Serena Crum Lac La Biche Heath Care Centre. I was suffering from cellulitis on my legs. Dr. Serena Crum MD, from the Lac La Biche Health Care […]

Empathic therapy: psychotherapy, not psychoactive drugs

By Dr. Peter Breggin Blunting ourselves with drugs is not the answer to overwhelming emotions. Intense emotions should be welcomed. Emotions are the vital signs of life. We need and should want them to be strong. We also need our brains and minds to be functioning at their best, free of toxic drugs. That allows […]

Why Would the FDA Approve Electroshock?

BY Dr. Peter Breggin Modern electroshock (ECT) delivers up to ten times the amount of electricity needed to cause a convulsion, leading to a very severe convulsion, unconsciousness, coma, flat lining of the brain waves, and aftereffects identical to a severe concussion with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Yet the FDA, forever evading the fact it […]

Public Guardian Officer Approves Medication

Individual with no medical training or background given authority to approve psychotropic medications to mental patients. Patient then must take the medication, accept the medication or be forced to do so and be subjected to a violent takedown.

Abuse by Attorney

    January 28, 2015   Mr. Robert Joly, Attorney 4 – 20 McLeod Avenue Spruce Grove AB. T7X 3Y1 REGISTERED MAIL Attention: Ms. Kathlyn Atkins, Manager Complaints, the Law Society of Alberta 800 Bell Tower 2, 201, 10104 103 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0H8 REGISTERED MAIL       Dear Mr. Joly:   Reference: […]

Dora Cinciruk: Formal complaint of unlawful confinement

This formal complaint is a recent development in the ongoing history of Dora Cinciruk. December 28, 2012 Dr. Douglas Faulder, Medical Director, Capital Care Norwood Chief of Police, Mr. Rod Knecht Edmonton Police Service, Dr. Chris Eagle CEO Alberta Health Services Re: Dora (Eudokia) Cinciruk – UNLAWFULLY CONFINED Resident # 219 2 N. Capital Care. […]

Takedown of 80 year old, Villa Caritas

August 30, 2011 Minister of Health & Wellness, the Honorable Gene Zwozdesky Complaints Manager, College of Physicians and Surgeons 2700 Telus Plaza South, 10020 100th Street Edmonton, AB. T5J 0N3 Solicitor General & Minister of Public Security,Honourable Frank Oberle Legislature Building, Edmonton, AB. ——————————————- COMPLAINT re. Dr. Kevin Lawless, Psychiatrist, Geriatric unit, Villa Caritas, 16515 […]