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Abduction Myrtle Hofer

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Apprehension of Mrs Myrtle Hofer, 87 years of age – # 249, Six Mile
Common, S.Lethbridge
Mrs. Hofer is being detained in Room # 227 (storage area) Good Samaritan
Prairie Ridge Long Term Care Centre, Raymond, AB. Stripped of her cell
phone, her visitors sharply restricted, Penny Clark and two senior ladies
were the only persons allowed access. Good Samaritan staff strongly enforce
The Public Guardian did not allow Myrtle Hofer to attend the recent funeral
of her sister-in-law which was held in Lethbridge. Her estate has been seized,
she has no access to money.
The Office of the Public Guardian and Office of the Public Trustee have
totally suspended the civil and Charter rights of Myrtle Hofer.

On July 16, 2010, Tobi-Dawn McRae, Office of the Public Guardian, made an
ex parte Application to the Lethbridge Court for the apprehension of Myrtle

This morning we submitted a complaint to the Lethbridge Regional Police Service as
We allege that on July 16, 2010, Tobi-Dawn McRae, Public Guardian Officer,

1) suppressed evidence of allegations of financial abuse
2) mislead the court,
3) knowingly and deliberately made utterances and submissions to the
court in an attempt to obstruct justice.