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Date: March 10, 2021 at 3:02:40 PM MST
To: Minister of Justice: Health Minister: Seniors Minister:

Please allow us to bring to your attention the following issues:


Millrise Seniors Village 14911 – 5th Street S.W. Calgary, AB. Head Office –
Retirement Concepts – 1818-701 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC, V7Y 1C6
managed by West Coast Seniors Housing Management, owner (Chinese) Insurance Company

Earlier last year, AHS contracted with Millrise Seniors Village because of their failure to
provide safe, ethical nursing care to their elderly clients.

It was reported, that when they, together with AgeCare, came on site, that long time, seasoned,
nursing staff sobbed at the sight of elderly clients in their beds totally neglected, moribund, many died.

Some elderly were administered clysis (hypodermoclysis) but later died.

Numbers of elderly died.

It was found there was no food preparation, no food, no water for elderly clients.
The kitchen had been closed.

There were inadequate numbers of staff on site.

Now, months later, AHS has publicly announced that they are walking away, cancelling their
contract with Millrise Seniors Village.

In a letter to family members, dated January 25, 2021, AHS has acknowledged that management
has not improved their level of care.

AHS is quoted as saying, “We are not satisfied that the required changes would occur”.

Nevertheless AHS is cancelling their contract with the Millrise Seniors facility et al.

There is no indication that anyone will be held accountable for the failed level of care
which rises to the level of failing to provide the necessaries of life,

Under the Animal Protection Act, licenses would have been revoked.

But it appears that at Millrise Seniors Village, life will go on as usual.


It should be understood that Nursing Homes are an industry, a lucrative industry.

One never hears of a nursing home (long term care centre) going broke.

No one is ever held accountable for neglect or abuse.

Any severe abuse or neglect even if it is criminal in nature is identified as elder
abuse and may be sometimes investigated internally and sometimes not.

It strongly appears that the matter of the deadly neglect at the Millrise Village
Seniors facility is being totally disregarded.


We submit that the Millrise Village Seniors facility should be shuttered,
their license revoked.

Charges should be laid against all levels of administration including the owners.
Criminal Code Section # 215.


Respectfully submitted,

We await your response.



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