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Application for Renewal of Guardianship of Flora L’Heureux

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Application by Office of the Public Guardian for renewal of guardianship of Flora Elizabeth L’Heureux

Monday, September 17, 2:00 PM
Queens Bench – Surrogate Court, Edmonton

The Honourable Chief Justice Allan Wachowich,
Court of Queens Bench

The Honourable Greg Melchin,
Minister of Seniors & Community Supports

The The Honourable Mr.Ron Stevens, QC
Minister of Justice and Attorney General

In this matter, the Office of the Public Guardian requested the nursing home physician to fill out a declaration of Incompetency, a Report Form 1. The physician complied. (Letter August 9, 2007).

We have affidavit evidence that the physician, Dr. Gerry Schwalfenberg, did not assess Ms. L’Heureux prior to filling out and signing the powerful one page form.

The Public Guardian filed the physician’s, untruthful, misleading

Form 1 at the court. This one page form will give direction to the court to continue to abrogate all rights of Flora L’Heureux. It will deny her the right to her bank account/ monies, to determine where to live, what health care she may access (fix her teeth), to her personal documents, the right to retain legal counsel, to self determination.

On November 6, 2006, Pat Henderson, Lawyer representing the Public Guardian successfully mislead the court with untruths. Complaint is before the Law Society.

Hand Delivered – September 14, 2007

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