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Josephine Stankiewicz had planned for her ultimate decease. She was 95 years old. She had made her funeral plans on Oct. 26, 2005 with Connelly-McKinley Ltd. Funeral home. She wanted a full traditional service at her Polish Church, complete with printed memorial folders at a cost of $225.00, a memorial book and Thank You cards $250.00. She ordered two limousines and one funeral coach at a cost of $1,285.00. She had selected a lovely redwood casket. She ordered that an obituary notice be placed at a cost of $250.00. She had everything planned and then paid in advance for it all–$10,587.65. She even had planned for flowers to be placed on her casket at a cost of $300.00.

However, when she entered the Bramel Group Home, her rights and her estate were taken over by the owner of the Group Home. When she did decease, there was no funeral, there was no memorial book, there were no limousines, no funeral coach, no obituary notice in the Edmonton Journal. There was just a small graveside ceremony and we did not even know that Josephine Stankiewicz had passed away.

This again demonstrates that as seniors, seniors can make their plans, they can even spend considerable money to do so and yet their rights may ultimately, be totally disregarded.

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