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Do the Elderly Have No Rights At All Anymore?

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I have a friend who is fighting for her mother’s rights to be considered competent. My friend decided to take her mother to BC for a holiday for a week. Laurie (my friend), her sister brought the police and ambulance to her mother’s home to prevent this from happening. A restraining order was put against Laurie from seeing her mother for 6 months or until Laurie’s sister has managed to get guardianship of her mother. Laurie was named to be one of the Power of Attornies for her mother and objected to some of what her sister and brother wanted to do while caring for the mother. So that does prevent Laurie from doing alot to help her mother.

Laurie’s mother has all rights stripped from her. She has asked her daughter for spending money and it was denied. Her daughter took all her access to ID and money. Her mother isn’t even allowed to have a locked drawer in her room to safe guard her personal belongings. Her mother wanted to go to a relative’s place for a weekend and it was denied her. Laurie also was notified that there was a trailer in the back of her mothers house that seemed like they were hauling stuff away from the house without her mother being told anything.

Now for a bit of back ground on her mom.

Her mother had a heart attack in Nov of 06 and her husband died a couple of months later. Her mother did have a hard time for a bit but has progressed alot and in my opinion is very competent to look after her affairs, which I know doesnt mean much when it comes to doctor’s assessment. I read the assessment and cant believe a doctor would write such things like he did about her mother. The kids told the doctor that her mother was aided by her husband before her heart attack. This is soo wrong, cause her mother cared for her invalid husband who was blind and bed ridden for many years. I think alot of what is written in the report mainly comes from 2 of the children who dont care or dont want to take the time to visit their mother or to be bothered by her.

I talked to the sister who seems to be in control of all of this and she said that her mother talks of a magic purse and about a spider being smart. She said what competent person would talk like that. Well the magic purse she has is a wallet that does magic tricks in the way of folding different ways. My mother had one of those also. And the spider, she talks of the turban on the spider she put on a tree branch in her house and watched it make a spider web. What the mother didnt understand was that the turban on the spider was a baby sack that spiders carry around on her back. But this does not make her mother incompetent.

I could go on and on about how can a person in this day and age be put away like that when they are totally competent to look after themselves. I am in so much shock to see that this can happen. Laurie cant even get her aunt to help in any manner. They say that they dont want to appear to be supporting Laurie in any way. Laurie’s mother is afraid to push in any way because of what might happen to her next. Her son threatened her right in front of the doctor that she would be put in a mental institute if she yelled anymore. I would be screaming at the top of my lungs if someone was tring to put me away. But her yelling is another reason that she is mentally incompetent. Her refusal to recognize that she should be in a home is another reason she is labeled incompetent.

If anyone please could just go and visit her and recognize that all this is just a nightmare. How could this happen in our society today? Do the elderly have no rights at all anymore? I am begging for someone please intervene and visit her at the Glenrose Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. Please and please again.


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