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Dr. Candace Walker, Villa Caritas

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May 30, 2011

Complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons against:

Dr. Candace Walker, Psychiatrist
Villa Caritas

Dr, Michael Buchinski, Clinical Director,
Villa Caritas,
Edmonton, AB.

Dr. Serena Crum
Lac La Biche Heath Care Centre.

I was suffering from cellulitis on my legs. Dr. Serena Crum MD, from the Lac La Biche Health Care Centre, sent me by ambulance to Alberta Hospital Edmonton.
I asked Dr. Crum to refer me to a specialist. After some time, Dr. Crum told me that she had a bed for me In Edmonton.
I asked where. The evening before the 7:00 AM departure, Dr. Crum told me that I was being sent to Alberta Hospital and that they would take care of my cellulitis.

I’m being detained at Alberta Hospital, Villa Caritas behind locked doors.

Dr. Candace Walker

April 1, 2011, @ 10:00 AM, Dr. Candace Walker ordered that I was to be moved upstairs to 2A.
Since then, the bizarre protocol is that I am disallowed to close my bedroom door, day or night. I am denied privacy, decency, dignity and quiet. I am senior.

On the early morning of May16, 2011 at approximately 6:15 AM, Ridwan Musa stood in the doorway of my room and instructed me not to expose myself.
On other occasions male staff & patients have sat, on chairs across from my room, leering at me first thing in the morning.

RN’s have told me that I am not allowed to close my door because of “what happened downstairs”. When I have pressed them, they respond, “you know”.

Am I being disciplined? It is now 2 full months since I have been publicly exposed this way.
At the nursing station it states that I am on ”close”.
I have asked Dr. Candace Walker to give me a written reason for this horrific mistreatment. She refuses to do so.

Dr. Walker’s “further capacity Assessment Report” dated January 13, 2011.contains half truths and untruths. She alleges she did an assessment of me in December 2010.

I submit that she did no assessment. Her report contains no scores of assessments done.
I have been stripped of all rights, I am penned up worse than an animal. I have not been allowed out of doors for fresh air for an entire year, since last June 2010 except when I was taken to the surrogate court.

I receive no treatment or therapy. No recreation or exercise is available to me.
I do 40 laps of walking on the ward anyway. Sometimes I am laughed at and humiliated for doing so.

I spend my days doing suduko or crossword puzzles or in great boredom.
(There is little or nothing at Villa Caritas, 2nd floor for patients to pass the time)

I am threatened and assaulted.
Sheryl – night nurse (RN)?, Joe, aide and one other female person insisted that I go to bed. I objected because it was not midnight and I said that when the others go to bed I would also do so. I could not understand why she made this arbitrary demand except to harass me.

Sheryl threatened me with security and a needle if I did not go to bed.
Told me to go in the “quiet’ room.

When I noted Sheryl on the phone and probably calling security, I saw the “quiet” room was open and thus entered the room at my own volition. We patients fear the violence and terror of a takedown and “needle”.
I entered at 11:45 PM.
Forty minutes later, night staff opened the door. As I was exiting the room, Sheryl abruptly pushed me hard towards the entrance of the room (assaulted me) and told me that she should have left me in the room all night.

I suffer from venous stasis and yet a nurse made me to stand in the room for the length of the detention. There are no chairs in the “quiet” room only an uncovered mattress.
Who authorized Sheryl to initiate a “takedown”?

I was physically assaulted when still at Alberta Hospital Edmonton.
Because I asked for a glass of cranberry juice, I was seized by three husky African American men, Ridwan Musa RPN, Aiden RPN and Richard Aide, and, “given a needle” (sedation) denied supper, strapped down for the entire night. My new jeans were torn and ripped off. My arms were bruised, black and blue.

For some weeks, the bruises were most obvious to doctors and nursing staff.

Mental Health Patients Advocates Office

I complained of the assault to the Mental Health Patient Advocate’s Office. They did NOT COME TO MY DEFENCE.

Recently a patient Joan Campbell had assaulted me, rammed me with her walker. Then Ridwan Musa RPN, a huge man, without warning, approached me from behind and gave me an iron, bear hug and held me very tight for some minutes. I looked down at the arms holding me and recognized the black arms as belonging to Ridwan Musa.

From this assault, I suffered a bruise on my left upper, outer arm and on my left upper breast.
He then threatened me and told me that I was going to be in big trouble.
I showed the bruises to my visitors.

I also showed the bruises to Mr. Allan Garber, Parlee McLaws, while at the court house.
The injuries probably were partly caused by the big wristwatch that Musa wears on his left wrist.

My personal belongings and clothes have been taken. My glasses were broken during a takedown. Clothing, and other items that were allegedly damaged were taken from my room at the time October 18th, 2010 fire in the dayroom of Building 12 unit # 1, Alberta hospital. The social worker, Leslie Pisani and others said that my 3 pair of support hose were damaged in the fire but that is an untruth. They took the support hose from me when I was admitted.

They also demanded my house keys, vehicle keys, bank books, bank card, driver’s license, AMA card, firearms license, etc.

I have also learned from my financial planner, that shortly after my admission to Alberta Hospital, the public Trustee phoned the bank to see how much money I have.


I was denied to protect and safeguard my domicile from damage.
In September, October and part of November of 2010, I repeatedly implored Dr. Buchinski to allow me to return to my Trailer in Hylo, AB. in order to ready the unit for winter. In the latter part of November, I no longer asked to go, because I was aware the temperature had dropped to -15 and water pipes would be frozen, I knew that there would have been irreparable damage to my home. Because I was being detained behind locked doors, I was helpless.

I was denied to protect and administer my personal belongings and business.
I was painfully aware that my licenses would lapse. Upon admission to Alberta Hospital, I was totally stripped not only of all rights, but of my house keys, vehicle keys, bank books, bank card, driver’s license, AMA card, firearms license, etc. I knew that these needed to be renewed but was disallowed to renew them.
Now, much to my distress all these licenses have lapsed and become invalid.

I object to caregivers who put on protective gloves to change incontinent patients, who then without changing the gloves, move from room to room or even to the laundry room. They handle my linens with their dirty gloves which I find troubling.. Further more Campbell, who is on “contact precautions”, takes clean panties and then returns them to the linen wagon, has she tried them on? Nobody monitors her or stops her. Sometimes, staff who are in a hurry, throw soiled diapers on the clean linen wagon.

My visitors are restricted. I am allowed to be visited one hour a week.
The visit must be between Monday and Friday and between the hours of 10:00 AM & 2:00PM. Why this restriction? Am I a high security prisoner?

Much more could be said about assault, violence, threats and intimidation.

It would appear that it is their intent to strip me of my humanity and make me a non-person.

Yours truly