"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

Dr. Jean Triscott, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, U.ofA.

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REFERENCE: Dr. Jean Triscott
File No.xxxxxxxxxx

Further to your dated letter, accompanied by a series of investigative letters and conclusions,
I wish to submit several observations as well as a suggestion.

Observation 1. One of my major concerns about Dr. Triscott’s examination was her lack of empathy:
impatience, poor listening skills, hurried actions, lacking in understanding of my fear and
ultimately of my growing anger (they often occur in that order), about the DRIVEABLE test.
(She did not compel me to take it but tried to reassure me that I would be able to do it while
my wife and I were trying to convince her that I would not pass it.)
The DRIVEABLE COMPUTER BASED TEST is sponsored by the private for profit,
multi-national,multi-million dollar, DRIVEABLE ASSESSMENT CORPORATION INC.
Each and every DriveABLE assessment is electronically recorded at the
Edmonton Office, # 304, 10050 – 112 Street, Edmonton, AB.
DriveABLE Assessment Corp. Inc. is a product of Alberta Deal Generator,
the largest investor network in Canada which represents over $400 million
in available capital. A 1M dollar investment into Edmonton-based DriveABLE
Assessment Centres made by Foundation Equity Corporation in 2005, an Angel
Capital group based in St. Albert, AB. was touted in 2013 by Alberta Deal
Generator, one of four top lucrative investments.

According to 2011 data, ONLY 15% PASS THIS TEST that is sponsored by the
private for profit DriveABLE Assessment Corporation inc.
Originally published in Victoria Times colonist. – CARP Canada.
“Virtual reality”, as it applies to computer-based testing, presents serious problems for
people who lack computer savvy. People who have never played computer games cannot be expected
to do well on a computer-based driving test.
I believe Dr. Triscott violated this fundamental responsibility most grievously during her examination
of me. Her demeanor prevented her from creating a healthy psychological environment.
The word empathy is critical in dealing with people, particularly with people who are feeling
insecure and afraid.

Observation 2. The Assessment for driver’s medical The finding related to Dr. Trisccott’s advice to me,
that I discontinue driving
until I obtain further testing for driver competence, was not the problem;
it was how she proclaimed the message:
She was either out of touch with my feelings or she didn’t care how I felt.
Dr. Triscott misdiagnosed this man.
He ultimately was able to easily re-obtain his right to drive.


Observation 3. A series of questions were asked of me which appear in Physicians’ Medical Forms at the
Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital..
The questions are related to how much the examinee is involved in family matters like, finances, preparing
food, etc. Dr. Triscott’s assistant never asked me why I was or was not involved in such activities.
My wife and I have our own agreed-upon roles in our marriage. But Dr. Triscott assumed that my
LACK OF PARTICIPATION indicated LOSS of COGNITIVE ABILITY. That is an incredible misinterpretation.

Suggestion: I wish to refer the College to an article in The Toronto Star, entitled, Helping older drivers
prolong their ability to drive safely. It is informative and enlightening for all of us, including Dr. Ivans.
At one point the author, Dr. Gary Naglie, Chief of Medicine and RR1 scientist, states, “But with all the focus
on “weeding out” and “putting the brakes” on unfit drivers, what are we doing to help senior drivers extend
their safe driving abilities longer in a lifespan?” After my examination by Dr. Triscott, I felt that her
objective was not to help, but to get me off the road.

Comment: I wish to thank the College for assigning the task to xxxxxxxxxxx, of contacting me directly
for information or clarification concerning the whole investigation. Her inquiries were clear; her comments
direct; and her understanding of my emotions was accurate.

Yours sincerely,