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Elder Abuse in Assisted Living Facility

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In July 2007, Mr. Washylk was denied access by Ms. Marilyn Wright RN, Case Manager, Capital Health, to a Personal Directive, which he had allegedly signed despite the PERSONAL DIRECTIVES ACT.

The PERSONAL DIRECTIVES ACT CHAPTER P – 6 Part 2 (4) states: “When a determination of lack of capacity has been made under subsection (2), the person making the determination must provide a copy of the declaration to the maker.”

On Feb. 15/08, a close friend & an old neighbor of Mr. Washylk were evicted from Rosedale & informed that they were permanently barred from visiting Mr. Washylk.

His phone calls are being intercepted by front office staff.

He is being detained and isolated in the locked unit.

March 4, 2008

VIA FACSIMILE (780) 377-2384

Marilyn Wright RN,
Case Manager Supportive Living
Capital Health Authority,
Rosedale Griesbach Assisted Living

Terry Lynn Zorba, SW, Manager
Rosedale Griesbach Assisted Living

Laurie Allen RN
Designated Assisted Living Staff

Re: Mr. Nick Washylk, 89 years of age, # 129 Rosedale Griesbach Assisted Living Facility.

We speak in defense of frail, dependant elderly and therefore have an interest in this matter.

On February 15, 2008, without cause, a long time close friend, and an old neighbor, (both seniors) were evicted from Rosedale and informed that they were permanently barred from visiting Mr. Nick Washylk.

Phone calls made to his number are being intercepted by front office staff even though his phone is not on the Rosedale circuit. Callers are told his line is busy.

Mr. Washylk, a cardiac patient, has no call button in his unit and has no ability to call for help. He is being detained in a secure unit that often has little or no staff on duty especially at night.

Mr. Washylk is a multi-millionaire who wishes to return to his home and be cared for at home.

Recently four visiting seniors were summarily removed from the Chapel church service at Rosedale, they were attending with other residents. The police were called and what is not troubling, the police came to ensure that these four seniors were removed and left the grounds.

When you deliberately isolate Mr. Washylk and other seniors, you are acting in violation of the Protection for Persons in Care Act Chapter P-19,5.

This Act defines abuse to include:

1(a) ii “Intentionally causing emotional harm…coercing or restricting from appropriate social contact.”

Furthermore, a four year study published in the Archives of Psychiatry, suggests that loneliness and isolation can accelerate and even cause dementia and Alzheimer disease in the elderly.

It is deeply troubling that Rosedale staff have total power over the lives of Alberta citizens such as Mr. Washylk; citizens who are being detained and isolated behind locked doors and denied all Charter Rights, Human Rights and Constitutional Rights.

We shall be awaiting your reply and be grateful to be in receipt of such reply by the 15th of March, 2008. We trust that those to whom this has been copied will also respond to our concerns.

Yours truly,

Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society


Lorenzo Clonsero, CEO Rosedale Estates
Mr. David Korol, Deputy Chief of Police
Loralee Gaboriau, Director of Standards and Monitoring
Supportive Living & long Term Care Development