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Failure to Serve per the Personal Directives Act (Section 9, Part 4)

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January 14, 2008


Complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons
Dr. Kanna Alagiakrishnan Assistant Professor, Division of Geriatric Medicine
Glenrose Hospital
Tel 735-8800
Stn. 29 Royal Alexandra Hospital,
Tel 735-4111


Mr. PM was admitted to the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) on September 8/06. He was detained on an active treatment ward in pyjamas, for approximately 7 weeks, part of this time under guard. On our initial visit, October 17/06 the RN informed us that he would be at the RAH for a long time however on October 28/06 he was moved to a locked unit at Griesbach Rosedale Assisted Living.

On the early evening of October 20/06, we visited Mr. M, oldest daughter was present. Mr. M repeatedly asked her why he was being detained and was upset that he had seen no ‘papers’. She repeatedly told him, “You have Alzheimers.” When we inquired of her who had made that diagnosis, she said she did not know the name of a physician but thought that he had been assessed in the RAH emergency ward. We encouraged her to write a note which Mr. M could give to the attending physician which would authorize Mr. M to view relevant documents and which would also help him to accept his distressing situation.

Mr. M’s daughter did write a note and on the morning of October 21/06 Mr. M presented the note to Dr. Kannayiram Alagiakrishnan at the nursing desk. Dr. Alagiakrishnan took the note, crumpled it, shoved it in his pocket and told Mr. M (in front of nursing staff), “You have no rights.” Mr. M (business man that he was) stated later, “He gave me no receipt.”

During a meeting at our Office with Mr. M’s daugther and daughter-in-law on the late afternoon of November 11, 2006, this incident was verified.

Yours most truly,

Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society

c.c Dr. Kevin Taft