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Flora L’Heureux

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February 6, 2008
VIA FACSIMILE 780 422 9138
Office of the Public Guardian
9942, 108 St. 4th Floor, Edmonton, AB. Canada

Attention: Patrick McManus, Public Guardian Officer

Dear Mr. McManus:

Reference – Pre-Admissions Medical Report re. Flora l’Heureux

Yesterday morning Flora L’Heureux inquired of Dr. Gerry Schwalfenberg who was making rounds at Lynwood, as to the whereabouts of the said Report.
He apparently gave her a vague response telling her that it may be with the guardian or with management. She then contacted Social Worker
Jim Thompson with no success.

When she called you, you informed her that you have the document in your possession. But when she asked you to send the Report to her lawyer,
you told her that you did not know if the guardian would permit you to send it. So what was your plan, to hold the Report in your file? That
was before noon yesterday. You have failed to respond to her in regard to this most urgent matter. You know how important this is to her.
It strongly appears that she has to beg and grovel in regard to everything.

We have not forgotten the Terra Losa affair where you attempted to deceive her and place her in a low functioning unit with residents who
could not even find their way to the dining room.

Thank you. We shall be awaiting your reply and be grateful to be in receipt of such reply by 11:00 this AM, Wednesday, February 6, 2008.

Yours most truly,

c.c. The Honourable Greg Melchin, Minister of seniors and Community Supports
The Guardian, Brenda Lee Doyle