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Frightening Abuse of Professional Privilege

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Rights and the Dependant Adults Act

After a preliminary conversation with a senior, Dr. Alexandra Marin, immediately suspended the senior’s driving license indefinitely and contacted Social Services in regard to removing this senior’s rights in regard to other issues. Dr Marin is a Clinical Lecturer, Care of the Elderly Program, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Department of Family Medicine & Dentistry, University of Alberta, her office at the Misericordia Hospital, Edmonton, AB.

If this senior had not had strong and immediate advocacy from another source, it is likely she would have never regained her driving license, her rights and dignity. Most probably the next step would have been that she would have been declared incompetent and the diagnosis of “frontal lobe dementia” would have been cited on every document. She would have lost her right to access her bank account, her estate and her right to self-determination. Ultimately, she may have been detained behind locked doors in a secure facility.

The question that begs an answer, why was this senior assessed for competency when in fact she attended at a hospital for a broken arm?

Unfortunately this is not a unique happening.

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