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RCMP arrest and handcuff senior

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Extendicare Salem Manor, Leduc

IMG_0088On the afternoon of February 12, 2010, members of the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society visited Emma Kadnar at Extendicare Leduc, (Salem Manor). Staff who are often too busy to help patients to the bathroom or put them to bed for an afternoon nap, appeared to become very distressed by the presence of these senior citizens. They fluttered about like disturbed chickens in a hen house.

They called the RCMP, who took the time to come. The Officer proceeded to arrest one of the members, handcuffing her hands behind her back with the nursing home administrator in attendance. After escorting the seniors to the entrance of the care facility, the Officer made notes in a notebook. Then for some reason, he instructed the member to turn around and proceeded to remove the handcuffs from her wrists. He then left.

The seniors are still awaiting a full Report from the Leduc RCMP Detachment concerning this matter.

Previously published under “Handcuffing Granny”

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