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I Need Help

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I need HELP ASAP and have not been able to find any. My husband’s two sisters, brother and one granddaughter are euthanizing his mother. She had a stroke on April 19 and was admitted to the Hospital. Her right side was paralyzed. She could not swallow and on Wednesday the 23rd they put in a feeding tube. She aspirated one time because they had over filled the stomach by somewhere around 60 cc. She had gotten better and was talking saying “Please help me” and would tell me and my husband and girls, “I Love you”.

On Tuesday the 26th a new doctor came in and saw her and said she was in a vegetated state and wouldn’t live probably one or two days. His sister decided instead of the nursing home which we did not approve of, she would take her home to die. The doctor told her she needed to stop all means of support, feeding, medications and he would turn her over to Hospice. She has not been given one drop of water or food since the 26th. We have tried to get help from everywhere and can’t. Even Hospice said they couldn’t talk with us because our name was not on their sheet. No one has Power of Attorney. The Hospital said because Joyce we the oldest they were obligated to go with her wishes. She can sign checks and she has recently put everything in her name but that is all.

We could care less if there is $1 or $1000 we just want her to live and at this point there is no hope. We begged them to give her water after the 3rd day because I said apparently it’s not her time to go but they refused. What can we do? These people should pay for what they have done. WE check on her 3 or 4 times a day. I am a former ICU and Pediatric LPN. I teach school now. I know how to check vital signs and can tell a difference in breath and hear sounds. Her respiration are only coming from the upper left lobe and her heart is slowing down from 176 to about 90 with periods of skipping and tachycardia. Her tongue is swollen, her mouth dry, eyes red and skin will stand up when pinched.

I can’t stand this. I called just a few minutes ago and they said she’s the same she’s been since Sunday. They don’t even get close enough to tell that the breathing and heart is worse. Please put me in touch with someone that will help and that doesn’t care that Hospice was called in.