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Lisa Goltman, Fatality Inquiry

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Fatality Inquiry Day # 3

Armendra Prasad, Peace Officer testified to the Fatality Inquiry day,
April 7, 2016. Mr. Prasad informed the Inquiry that he had served with
the Police Force in his originating country for 24 years.
He said that when he was called to Unit 8 2B and arrived, he found
Lisa sitting on the couch next to the nursing station where allegedly,
she was “screaming and yelling“.
Tim Bouwsema and Josh Midldeton who were also present took her by
either arm, lifted her and moved her to the secure room.
apparently, she virtually walked there. Once there, she apparently
became quiet, laid down compliantly.

Armendra Prasad was inquired as to how many “strong sheets” there were
in the secure room. To this he responded, calling the “strong sheet”,
a “normal bed sheet”
There was a “strong sheet” at the court for his & everyones review.
He told the court that Lisa’s “pants dropped because of the struggle”.
Therefore he said he covered her up to the waist with the “strong blanket”.
When he was asked if he heard noises when he left the secure room, he said,
“no” because apparently everything was “normal”.

This afternoon , Tibor Hungler was called to testify to the Inquiry. He had
been working as a psychiatric aide and on May 3, 2013 was working 11:15 to 7:00 AM.
After receiving report from the Head nurse, Lillian Slashinsky, he went about
his duties.About 3:00 AM, he was called from the lunch room where he was
eating and told abut an emergency concerning Lisa Goltman.
He immediately went to get the crash cart and the Defribillator machine &
when returned to the unit, went to secure room and commenced compression.
When asked how Lisa looked, he told the Inquiry that she did NOT LOOK NORMAL
Parts of her face were purple, her body was white, cold to touch and he noted
that her her hands were stiff.
There was some difficulty with the charting. A patient chart is a legal
document. It appeared that even though Lisa was declared to be deceased at 3:00 PM,
entries into the recording log cited that she had been sleeping, i.e. 0415 Hrs.
& 0430 Hrs.

Charting had been done in advance of the happening. In one area it appeared
as if someone had written over the entries in order to correct the negligent,
fraudulent entries,however no one was identified as having done so.
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