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We submit that Mental Health Review Panel hearings, Mental Health assessments /Certificates and capacity assessments must be recorded and transcribed. We have empirical evidence of the injustices that are committed as a result of the present, flawed protocol.

Canadian citizens are being unjustly stripped of all rights and assets and detained behind locked doors as in the matter of Peter M.

Criminal Code Section 279 (1) Every person commits an offence who kidnaps a person with intent.
(a) to cause the person to be confined or imprisoned against the person’s will. This Section of the Criminal Code refers to UNLAWFUL confinement.

(b) These individuals, such as Peter M., and others have been detained under the legislation of the Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act or the Alberta Mental Health Act. We accept the removal of their Charter Rights and all right to life and liberty as lawful.
Provincial Statute/Law. 1 of 3 Acts that take away people’s liberty to make their own decisions (Criminal Act is another) Very powerful! Allows for involuntary detention & treatment of persons w/mental illness under certain conditions: Mental disorder. Danger to self or others. No alternative.[/caption]
(c) In fact for many years, we have alleged that the Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act & the Alberta Mental Health Act legislation is severely flawed and allows honourable Canadian citizens to be detained behind locked doors and denied all Rights. We further maintain that the casual protocol that allows injustices by the Mental Health Review Panel to take place and those who file mental health Certificates and those who file capacity reports create reports / certificates that lack legitimacy.
(d) We challenge the fact that courts accept untranscribed, unsworn Reports from the Mental Health Review panel, that courts accept Mental Health Certificates whereby the relevant interview has not been transcribed or capacity assessments that have not been recorded or transcribed. In no other instances, for example, in the matter of criminal cases, do the courts accept trivial, unverified, unsworn evidence.

Many are benefitting financially by this sham protocol
Justice is being bastardized by this sham protocol