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DriveABLE, P-J Barclay CEO Misleads CTV

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December 14, 2019

P-J Barclay, President & CEO DriveABLE
Enjoy Life Church,
3935 114 Street, Edmonton, AB. T6J 1M3

Dear Mr. Barclay:

P-J Barclay, CEO


Mr. Barkley you made misleading statements to CTV in yesterday’s broadcast.

First of all, In this Broadcast you referred to severely outdated data.
And when asked if your testing is successful, you failed to answer. You responded that you are“positioning” yourselves as being “part of a greater protocol”. Not so. It is the computer-based DriveABLE test that causes the senior harm and ends up denying the senior the right to drive. For example, John Brown, Vice President of Customer Love, DriveABLE directed a Bus company in BC, that their long time driver who had had no accidents or difficulties was not safe to drive because he failed your DriveABLE test.

You untruthfully stated to CTV that only clients who appear to be at risk are referred for DriveABLE testing. We have documented

John Brown-
Vice President of customer love initiative

that Class I licensees were referred for testing and who, when scored low on a DriveABLE test, took months, even up to a year to reobtain Class I status.

You also very explicitly stated that the DriveABLE test was like using an ATM, “ simpler than that”. Mr. Barclay, you know that is a blatant untruth.

Please allow us a response to our concerns by the 20th, December, 2019.

Thank you
Yours truly,

Elder Advocates of Alberta Society (1992)