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Powers of Attorney Act

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We receive diverse complaints of elder abuse & neglect from across the Province on a
daily, continual basis. One of the most prevalent complaints concerns that of
estate theft which is facilitated by the POWERS OF ATTORNEY ACT legislation.

For example –
“Our aunt presently lives in a nursing home in xxxx & staff there attend to all of
her physical and medical needs.
My two sisters have POWER OF ATTORNEY & have access to our aunt’s bank account.
The only expenditures that my aunt sustains are for incidentals such as new underwear,
new nightgowns and snacks. My one sister has been systematically withdrawing money
from my aunt’s bank account under the pretext of buying such incidentals, but the
amount withdrawn does not correspond to the items being purchased. For instance,
an amount of $500.00 was withdrawn and the reason provided for this withdrawal was
that my aunt needed a “new bra.” $1,000.00 here & $500.00 there has added up to a
substantial amount of money; the most egregious amount was a $30,000.00 “loan”
(to date, no attempt has been made to repay this “loan”). To date, the amount
withdrawn by the one sister is in excess of $45,000.00”.

The legislation does not call for the sister to be accountable for the money spent.

Not only do these predators take the money, they have been granted total power,
they ban family members & others from visiting. They isolate the victimized elder.

Note as follows:

“You will also note, a letter addressed to our lawyer as guidelines we would
have to meet, before a visitation would occur. One thing we were told we must do,
was meet with a councillor, (chosen by xxxxx) who would direct us towards
this end. A couple of 2 hr. meetings with this lady, made us feel these meetings
were of little value, expensive, & did not continue. Please note also that these
rules were not accompanied by doctors letters, although we requested them several
times, Mom’s mail, phone calls and visitors are monitored, mom is isolated, we
have not been allowed to visit for close to three years. Her houses are being

in another matter-

Mr. E.H. is a senior suffering dementia. His son H.H. has POWER OF ATTORNEY.
All of relatives & neighbours know that dad had lots of money. They all see that
H.H. will not pay for food, expenses or for clothes.Relatives say that he put
the money into another country (Lebanon) in his name to hide it from his brothers.
Daughter , takes care of him by herself every day & every night. She has to pay
for all the expenses. 08/03/16