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Shirley Hamilton: Office of Public Guardian confines Ontario Resident

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May 21, 2012

The Honourable Mr. Dave Hancock,
Minister of Human Services,
Room # 224,
Alberta Legislature Building,
Edmonton, AB

Complaint against Ms. Gail Cleary,
Public Guardian Representative
Office of the Public Guardian, Edmonton, AB.

Dear Mr. Minister:


Ms. Shirley Hamilton DOB July 11, 1936, resident of Brampton, Ontario
Detained at the University Hospital, Edmonton, AB. since October, 2011.

Last month, Ms. Hamilton, on her own volition, called our office, appealing for help. She informed us, that she had first called a media outlet who referred her to us. Her call was rational and reasonable. She carefully identified issues. In reviewing her situation we were shocked to find the following.

Ms. Hamilton is being totally restricted. She is never allowed to leave unit 5G2
of the University of Alberta Hospital. She told us that she has been sharply instructed to:
“Go to your room”.
She is being bullied, treated rudely and with disregard for her rights as a Canadian citizen.

She Is not allowed out of doors, go for a smoke, go down to the hospital cafeteria for coffee, is allowed no recreation, spends her days languishing on her bed. She is being subjected to mindless inactivity. We allege that under the present regime, she is destined to become physically and mentally, totally disabled.
This lady has less rights than a prisoner in a Federal Institution.

Ms. Hamilton was denied to attend daughter’s funeral in Ontario before Christmas. This past Saturday was denied to attend funeral of friend here in Edmonton. Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day, was not allowed to attend with daughter. Daughter is also being bullied, her visits are being restricted by staff. On one occasion she had come to visit mother at about noon, was directed to leave and come back at 2:00 PM. We were meeting Ms. Calhoun that day and witnessed this.

Ms. Hamilton is totally independent of care, showers herself, dresses herself, feeds herself, makes her own bed. She refuses psychotropic drugs

Daughter Joanne Calhoun had been granted Personal DIrective (December 15, 2011) and Enduring Power of Attorney (December 15, 2011) for her Mother.
The documents had been drawn up and witnessed by senior lawyer, Ms. Mary Alyce Heaton.

This authority was overturned by an untrustworthy, three page report, authored by Dr. Nigel Flook MD, titled Report to the Office of the Public Guardian (attached).
On page two of this Report, Paragraph 3 & 4, he states that Dr. Colliton was:
“very concerned” in regard to a “Triplicate prescription”.
This “concern” seems to have been fabricated by Dr. Flook.
A letter from Dr. Irene Colliton dated April 5, 2012 (attached) denies such “Triplicate prescription”. Dr. Flook’s letter contained other half truths and untruths..

Furthermore, Dr. Flook’s Admission Certificate (Form I) is also untrustworthy.
He states in paragraph # 2, (Form 1) that Ms. Hamilton
“took daughters meds (narcotics and Benzodiazepams)”. (attached)

Ms. Calhoun has provided documentation to us that in fact she does not and did not take such drugs.

These untrustworthy documents were filed in the court and placed before Honourable Justice D.J. Manderscheid who then granted Guardianship and Trusteeship Orders for Ms. Hamilton. We allege that the court was mislead in this matter.

Last week, we attempted to meet with nurse Ward Manager, Ms. Karen Bennett, RN # 69131, who was reluctant to discuss the matter concerning Shirley Hamilton. During our brief meeting, Ms. Bennett quickly retreated behind the closed door of her office. But, before closing the door, laid full responsibility on Public Guardian, Gail Cleary for Shirley Hamilton’s bizarre detention and treatment.

Much more could be said in regard to this matter.

For example for two days, this past week, Ms. Hamilton was not administered the 12 hour “Nitro patch” medication. Ms. Hamilton notified daughter and daughter called ward staff and strongly demanded the medication be resumed.
It was.

What is Gail Cleary, Public Guardian Officer doing to advocate for this lady? We have been told that since she was appointed Guardian, she has never come to meet with Ms. Hamilton. It has also been reported to us that both staff and physicians cite Ms. Cleary responsible for the rigid restrictions and troubling status quo, and, that which we consider elder abuse.

We submit that Ms. Cleary has disregarded her duty of care to Ms. Hamilton.

Shirley Leona Hamilton is suffering neglect, receiving no treatment, no care.

Nevertheless, Shirley Hamilton is under the alleged care of the Office of the Public Guardian, Office of the Public Trustee, doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, hospital caretaking staff, dietary staff , oftentimes security staff and even the courts, all, costing all of us thousands and thousands of dollars, tax dollars.

Why is Shirley Hamilton of Ontario, taking up an active treatment bed in an Alberta Hospital? Thank you.

Please consider this as a complaint against Public Guardian Representative, Gail Cleary, who is cited as being responsible for the plight of Shirley Hamilton.

Yours truly,

Elder Advocates of Alberta Society

c.c Ms. Shirley Leona Hamilton

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