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Sister steals Mother’s possessions

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I am very concerned about my 88 year old mother, B.B., psychological and financial welfare.  My mother is at this time residing at Legacy Lodge, and my sister, Sharon James, has Power of Attorney and is also executor of my mother’s will.

My mother has been complaining for quit some time that my sister has completely taken over the finances, and will not allow my mother access to bank statements and financial records.  She doles out money to my mother, she will not hand the money to mom but has it locked away in the office where my mother has to go and ask if there’s any money for her.

The last time my mother was in the hospital, my sister and brother-in-law had her moved into Legacy Lodge.  My mother’s rings, including her wedding ring, a collection of antique coins and my mothers credit cards went missing. According to my mother, this has happened every time she has gone into the hospital. My mother has asked for her belongings back, but my sister just ignores her.

My sister has told me that all the money and all my mothers possessions are gone.  My mother’s belongings were stored in my sister’s garage, and now there is nothing.  My mother has a right to know what happened to her things.

My mother tried to stand up to my sister, and talked to an advocate, but she felt threatened and is afraid to voice her complaints, for fear of the consequences.  My sister will withdraw any help to my mother, and she will need an advocate.  I am too far away to be of much help.

I live in Cranbrook, BC.  I have a brother who lives in Lethbridge.  He has also voiced his concerns to me about my sister stripping my mother’s estate, but he is unwilling to get involved and stand up to my sister. He has not been much involved with my mother since she has lived there.

My sister also bought my mother a large flat screen TV.  My mother paid for it.  When they moved my mother, my sister and her husband took my mother’s TV and replaced it with a small $200 TV from Wal Mart.  My mother was upset about this but when she asked where her TV was she was ignored.

I believe my mother fears retaliation if she stands up to my sister.  In fact she has told me this.  I am writing this letter with the full knowledge and consent of my mother, and I hope you can give me some advice as to what course I should follow.

-Concerned Sister

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