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Steve Wallace: Law discriminates against senior drivers

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Senior drivers are thought to be a menace on our roads. This is a myth.

In fact, seniors who drive are subjected to all the normal legal obligations and then some. When they reach the age of 80 in B.C., they receive the demand to attend at a doctor’s office for a cognitive and physical examination. They may or may not be required to do further tests at a private enterprise facility or at an ICBC testing facility.

Seniors are usually the most experienced drivers on our roads. They are a self-regulating group. Many choose to drive in the late morning or early afternoon, when traffic volumes are light. Others do not drive at night. The glare of oncoming headlights is more irritating for older drivers. The crash rate for seniors in virtually every jurisdiction of the country is lower than the national average, and the severity of such crashes is also lower when compared to the damage in the average vehicle mishap.

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