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Tasmania Discontinues Senior Driver Assessments

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Compulsory annual driving assessments for Tasmanian drivers aged 85 or older ended on October 2011.

This change will place the responsibility of driving in the hands of the driver. The driver is the best person to determine whether or not they should drive, and where they should drive. Older drivers are very good at deciding when and where to drive and drive according to their limits. We will help them with this task by providing information about how to assess their driving

When did the changes start?

Driving assessments end on 7 October 2011.

Why was it changed?

A recent review of the older driver licensing system in Tasmania was conducted, in response to a report by the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner claiming that compulsory aged-based driving assessments were discriminatory.
The review showed that older drivers are not a major road safety problem in Tasmania and not over- represented in crash statistics.
Normal ageing does not increase crash risk as older drivers generally regulate their own diving and compensate for any gradual decline in driving abilities.

Older drivers are good at making adjustments to their driving if needed, such as making shorter trips, driving during the day or choosing less hazardous routes.

Who was affected by the changes?
Anyone aged 85 or about to turn 85 will no longer be required to pass a driving assessment in order to retain their license.