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Unauthorized Sharing of Driver Information to 3rd Party, DriveAble

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We have uncovered a government initiative designed to arbitrarily strip seniors of their rights and their driving licenses. Presently, seventy year olds are being targeted.

Seniors who have never had a driving accident are summoned to doctor’s offices and without permission, are administered a cognitive/mental assessment. The test is carried out with a stop watch. Should they, in nervousness, fail to understand the question and answer inaccurately, they are informed that they have failed and are immediately directed to DriveAble for a $200.00 driving test.

The referral form to DriveAble discloses the senior’s medical condition, which is a contravention of the Privacy Act.

If the senior hesitates to cooperate, they may be told that they will be immediately stripped of their driving license.

The government agency, Primary Care Network, under the direction of Douglas Craig is carrying out this initiative.
This initiative is promoted as an “innovative approach to providing primary care designed to deliver improved health care to Albertans”.

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