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“Physicians have a powerful quasi-judicial position in
society in that they can detain lawful citizens behind
locked doors and remove all property and human rights”.

March 14, 2015

To College of Physicians and Surgeons

Reference: Alberta Mental Health Review Panel,
March 10, 2015, @ 9:30 AM
Covenant Health, Villa Caritas Geriatric Mental Hospital,
Lawyer / Chairman, Pierre Asselin,
Client – xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Complaint against the client’s physicians:

– Dr. John McCahill, Psychiatrist – Villa Caritas
– Dr. Kevin Lawless Psychiatrist – Villa Caritas
– Dr. Asad Brahim MD.- Director, Alberta Hospital Edmonton


1) We allege that the named physicians have misdiagnosed the client.

2) We allege that the named physicians are committing a medical error.

3) The named physicians are forcefully mistreating the patient with
the powerful,anti-psychotic drug, Paliperidone palmitate. This drug
is a new LONG-ACTING ANTI-PSYCHOTIC injection for the treatment of ACUTE
and maintenance therapy in schizophrenia.
It has been identified by the manufacturer as a once-monthly injection
for the treatment of schizophrenia

4) We further allege that the forcible administration of an injected
CONTRA-INDICATED anti-psychotic drug, constitutes common assault.

5) The client has alleged to us that she was shown and given the
wrapper / container from the nurse who injected her and the name
on the label was Paliperidone palmitate.

6) The client has alleged to us that she was given an intramuscular
medication / injection on:

February 13, 2015,
March 10, 2015
and has been threatened with a needle for the week
March 16, 2015.

7) She has alleged to us that she finds this most terrifying, and
intimidating. She has said that her brain will become ‘mush’.

8) The client’s injection site is painful and tender. She alleges
to us that the pain from the hip is so sore that it causes her to limp.
March 12, 2015, Dr. Lawless has affirmed to her that the hip pain was
due to the intra-muscular injections.

9) She alleges that she reacted strongly to the injection of
February 13, 2015.
She was IN BED FOR OVER 6 DAYS, could hardly open her eyes.

10) The client is suffering from an outbreak of bumps on her tongue
and in her mouth. The client was seen Thursday, March 12, 2015, by Dr.
David Richards MD, who informed her that it was due to stress.

11) From December 5, 2014 to February 12, 2015, OVER TWO MONTHS,
the client had been DEEMED TO BE MENTALLY COMPETENT. She had been
decertified and was granted ground privileges which meant that she
was allowed to leave the building for periods of time, go out of doors
without supervision.
How can one be a danger to oneself and others, then not be a danger,
then a danger?

12) We allege that Decisions made at the said March 10, 2015 Mental
Health Review Panel Hearing, are ultra vires for the reason that Review
Panel member, Dr. B xxxx. T xxxxx, fails to have active professional
registration. (SHE now has re-registered) Hence, Dr. T xxxxx was not
qualified to sit on the Review Panel and therefore the Review Panel
had not been properly established.

13) Therefore, we further allege that the offending psychiatrists and
physician have no authority to order the administration of anti-psychotic
intra-muscular medication for the client.

14) The named physicians do not have authority to order the administration of any
medications for the client without the consent of the court appointed guardians.


1) On March 10, 2015, The Mental Health Review Panel by an Order, OVERRODE
the Court Order which had appointed the client’s sister & her husband as Guardians.

Chairman Asselin ordered that the GUARDIANS of the client BE STRIPPED of their
court appointed authority to determine the client’s medication protocol.

2) Immediately following the Hearing, Psychiatrist, Dr. Kevin Lawless, ordered
Paliperidone Palmitate (Invega Sustenna) Intramuscular to be administered to
the client.

3) The client was injected with an intramuscular injection.

4) Paliperidone palmitate, according to pharmacy, is a newer medication and
is strongly INDICATED for schizophrenia. The medication is intended to decrease
hallucinations and help the individual to think more clearly.

5) We strongly allege that the client IS NOT schizophrenic and does not demonstrate
schizophrenic traits.

The client does not suffer from:

• Delusions
• Hallucinations (auditory)
• Disorganized speech or incoherence.
• Grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior

(a) We have nurse’s notes of the client dating from 2009 onward, there is no record of
schizophrenic symptoms or disturbed thought.

(b) The client was referred to us on March 2011. We first met with the client on the
afternoon of March 27, 2011. Following that meeting, she would phone almost every evening
@9:00 PM. We spoke with her very regularly for over one and one half years. During that
time, or since, I as an RN, have never noted any symptoms of schizophrenia or disordered
thought patterns.

6) On February 13, 2015, Dr. McCahill created an incident in order to justify a needle.
He abruptly, without warning came to the client’s room and told the client to go to the
‘quiet room’ for a needle. She immediately went. She immediately was administered an
intramuscular needle. A nurse with a syringe was waiting.

7) The ‘band aid’ which was to cover the injection site fell to the floor, face open.
Jamie, the administering nurse, picked up the ‘band aid’ and applied the dirty band aid
to the injection site, which may account for the painful site, an infection?

8) On February 13, 2015, the client was re-certified. At the March 10, 2015, Review
Panel Hearing, she was ordered to be detained another six months. She has been
detained behind locked doors for over five years. During those years, the client has
SELDOM been allowed off the ward or OUT OF DOORS IN THE FRESH AIR.

9) On the afternoon of March 12, 2015, yesterday, Dr. Lawless came to the client’s room
and informed her (smiling) that she would be receiving another needle in the coming week.
(which is less than a month) – She was injected February 13, 2015, March 10, 2015 and
is now threatened with another needle for the week March 16, 2015.

10) If this client in any way resists the needle / injection, numbers of GLOVED MALE
STAFF & GLOVED SECURITY officers will be standing by to initiate a TAKEDOWN on this
female senior.

11) Takedowns are violent and injurious for any age group, more so for frail seniors.
We have documented whereby an 80 year old Villa Caritas’ patients’ arm was
fractured by a security guard during a takedown, the ‘CRACK’ was heard on the ward
(August 26, 2011).
Dr. Kevin Lawless. had written the Order for the takedown of this elderly person.

12) The horror of the 1982 OMBUDSMAN INVESTIGATION of ALBERTA HOSPITAL (August 1982,
conducted by Ombudsman Randall E. Ivany) should not be forgotten. The investigation
which exposed that elderly patients were kneed in the groin, kicked, pushed, had
coffee and salt thrown in their faces and hair, staff were known to have stepped on
patient’s heads.

13) No physicians were indicted or in any way held accountable
at that time. However, we know that some of the present practicing physicians & staff
who were reinstated by the union, were part of that scene.

These unbelievable incidents were also reported in the Edmonton Journal, September 3/81,
September 4/81.

In conclusion, we ask the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons to
investigate our concerns.

Thank you.