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Willi Kneisler threatened, refused visiting access

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August 28, 2012

via Facsimile 780 424 4964

Ms. Carla Buchan RPN
215 Hys Centre,
Geriatric Mental Health Centre,
Edmonton, AB. T5H 4B9

Dear Madam

We have been informed that you attended at the home of Mr. Willi Kneisler, 7803 15 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 @ 10:00 AM. The visit was not solicited by Mr. Kneisler.

We have been further informed that you were accompanied by a gentleman who was armed with a gun and who failed to identify himself or provide a business card. Mr. Kneisler told us that he said to the man, ”Are you going to kill me?” The man did not respond.

Mr. Kneisler has also informed us that you subjected him to a cognitive assessment. He does not believe that you asked his permission prior to carrying out the assessment. He says that you asked and reviewed his medications. He has informed us that you told him that he “needed help” and that you would be calling his physician and providing information to him. Mr. Kneisler indicated that he did not grant you permission to call his physician.

Please advise us:

  1. Who gave the Directive for your visit?
  2. What was the intent of your visit?
  3. Will you be sending correspondence /summary to Mr. Kneisler concerning the interrogation and visit?
  4. Who was the unnamed gentlemen who wore casual, civilian clothes and carried a gun?
  5. What was the intent of his visit?
  6. Who authorized his visit?

We would be grateful if you allow us to be in receipt of your response by the 5th, of September, 2012. Thank you.

Elder Advocates of Alberta Society,

cc. Mr. Willi Kneisler


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