"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

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RAPE TRIAL Monday – November 21, 2005 Court House, Queens Bench – 611 4th Street SW, Calgary @ 10:00 AM. Rex Ongee Okumu 40, is accused of attacking a woman in her 90’s at a northwest Calgary Care Centre where he had been employed as a caregiver. He faces charges of sexual assault and sexually exploiting a mentally, or physically disabled person over whom he had a position of trust. A three day trial had been previously set down for September 12, 2005 but then adjourned until November 21, 2005.

FATALITY INQUIRY- Monday, November 28th to December 2nd, 2005, Edmonton Provincial Court, Court Room # 269 @ 9:30 AM. Fatal scalding of elderly resident at Jubilee Lodge Nursing Home (Jennie Nelson)

Note www.jeanwarden.com The family of an elderly resident of the Devonshire Long Term Care Facility became concerned about their family member and removed her to the University of Alberta Hospital ( U of A ). Upon examining the elderly person, U of A staff observed and documented the following:

-extremely malnourished, decreased albumin levels, appeared totally emaciated, cachexia, marked dehydration and muscle wasting, blackened, necrotic flesh on her foot, pressure sores on coccyx and heels, and pus oozing from a sore on her ear.

All documents are available on the web site. U of A staff stated that they were mandated to make a complaint to the Protection For Persons in Care Act abuse line – “failing to provide the necessities of life such as food and medical attention”
The family has also placed Bill boards onthe Finesse signs at 42 Street and GatewayBoulevard and Calgary Trail with the website address.