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91-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted by Female Caregiver

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Hardisty Nursing Home

6420-101 Avenue

Edmonton, AB T6A 0H5


In June of 2006, our office was contacted by a person whose father had to be sent to an emergency ward following a bath given by a caregiver of the Hardisty Nursing Home.

She was crying as she told us that the foreskin of her father’s penis was torn and bleeding and required suturing. The doctor at the emergency ward suggested to the family member who had accompanied her father, to take pictures and contact a social worker.

The doctor told her that there was no way that the father could have inflicted himself because of the fathers weakened and dehydrated condition.

Apparently the incident involved a caregiver who had been giving baths and elder care for 35 years. (See General Hospital incident)

An email of June 24th, 2006, stated that prior to this alleged assault, a family member had attempted to initiate a complaint of elder abuse and neglect to the Protection For Persons in Care against the nursing home. She was led to believe by Protection For Persons in Care staff that the “process is difficult and time consuming”.

Because, she was feeling overwhelmed by the care needs of an elderly mother who recently had to be relocated, also her concern for her elderly father and for the needs of her own family and grandchildren, she decided not to proceed.

On October 13th, we made a written complaint to the Edmonton Police Service, File no # 06-140512.

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