"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

Abuse by Government

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For All Canadians Who Believe That there Are Equal Rights For
Everyone, And not Just For Those That The Government Decides
When Convenient.

Please send this to your Federal MP, and demand that they
investigate the many Transgressions of the Federal Laws,
by the Ontario Government.

Whereas the Ontario Government, through the Ministry of
Transportation, has introduced discriminatory driver testing
of Older Drivers, under false Pretences, by inferring that
“ Older Drivers Have More Accidents Than Any Other Group
of Drivers, and Constitute a Significant Traffic Risk”, while
knowing this to be false.

And the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, in an email to
Ed. Rockburne, RCMP, Retired, admitted that they did not
have Statistical Justification to support this discrimination, and
Therefore, have violated theFollowing Federal Statues ;

“ The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms”
“ The Canadian Human Rights Act”
“ The Criminal Code of Canada, on False Pretences”
“ The Criminal Code of Canada, on Elder Abuse”
“ The Corner Stone of the Canadian Judicial System,
that a Person, or Persons, accused of an Offence,
are presumed Innocent, until proven Guilty”

It is incumbent upon the Federal Government to Investigate
and Restore the Rights of the Elder Citizens of Ontario,
which are being stolen from them , by their Provincial Government.
Yours Sincerely,
Ed. Rockburne, RCMP, Retired, erockburne@cogeco.ca,
Perth, Ontario. – 2 January 2014