"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."



Please tell people to object to the Advanced Care Planas it is not specificenough for whenthe resident is well, not well, or is actually dying.Once made out, and signed by a facility doctorwho will Misintrepret the families best intentions on Advanced Care Plan because they say that iswhat the family has instructed them to do.NO. There is a big difference between well, all the stages in between and the dying stage.Yet the Advanced Care Plan is bent on pigeon holing living and dying into several categoriesand it doesn’t work! Living is living, all stages in between, anddying is dying.
There have to be at least two ormaybe three partsto it;1) Maintenance care when the resident is normally healthyand their medicalconditions are controlled2)Medical care if a resident has an infection or develops an new medical condition3) Emergency medical care what family wants if resident has a more serious medicalproblemlike a fall andbreaks a bone, or has a stroke from which they will recover4) Advanced Care when resident has a medical condition from which they will not recover.A concerned family member