"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."


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Minister of Health, Fred Horne has announced a change in the 

government’s approach to senior’s housing and care.

He is quoted as saying,  a concept, “aging in place”, was developed 

by Premier Alison Redford during the leadership campaign.

He is further quoted as saying: “What we mean by “aging in place” is

 really designing a facility that allows us to fund and support the needs 

of seniors as they change over time 

Those of us, who for years have been monitoring senior care initiatives 

have heard all this before.

The concept of aging in place was first widely discussed in 2004.  

Then the much publicized initiative of 2008, “CONTINUING CARE STRATEGY – 

AGING IN THE RIGHT PLACE”, was presented, allegedly in consultation with Albertans.

We respectfully submit that the proposed change is essentially the

     same old meal deal, served on a newer platter.