"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

Alberta Senior Citizens Left To Die

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March 2, 2021

Dr. Verna Yiu, President & CEO
Alberta Health Services (AHS)
Seventh Street Plaza, 14th Floor, North Tower
10030 – 107 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3E4

Dear Madam:

REFERENCE: AHS cancels contract with Calgary long term care facility,
Millrise Seniors Village 14911 – 5th Street S.W. Calgary, AB.

Head Office – Retirement Concepts – 1818-701 West Georgia Street,
Vancouver BC, V7Y 1C6 (Ph. 604.662.4969 ) managed by West Coast
Seniors Housing Management, purchased by a Chinese Insurance Company
& operates homes in B.C. Alberta & Quebec.

It has been reported to us that when AHS staff contracted to take over
the Millrise long term care facility and attended at the facility, seasoned
caregiver staff sobbed at the sight of the neglected, elderly.


Your office must have reports of the severe neglect of residents who
had not been fed (starved), had not been hydrated, bathed, were
simply left in their beds in their excrement, uncared for, left to
There was only bare bones staffing on site.

Family members / visitors, were totally disallowed to attend thereby
the entire horror was hidden.

Now your office has said that you are withdrawing your contract.
Millrise was publicly outed that they were giving less than acceptable
care, but they have not made the effort to change because they know
there will be no accountability. Why should they?

Subsequently, when AgeCare leaves, they will just walk away, No one
will be disciplined (and) the inferior care, unacceptable care will
continue. Life will go on as usual.

Your office would not be able to walk away under the Animal Protection
Act RSA 2000, cA-41, if this had concerned a dog(s), etc.

Senior staff, administrators of Millrise, Retirement Concepts and West
Cost Management Company with full knowledge allowed this deadly
neglect to happen.
They must be held accountable, including the
Chinese owners.

There must be a public fine, discipline, suspended licensure.


If you, in this matter, allow exemption from punishment, it will
again be a loud clear message to all caregivers, senior staff,
administrators, owners, government personnel that no matter how
severely you neglect, harm, allow / cause the decease of elderly
persons, you can do so with impunity. You do not have to fear
punishment or even censure.

Thank you.
Yours truly

Elder Advocates of Alberta Society (1992)

C.C.-Honourable Minister of Seniors, Ms. Josephine Pon
Honourable Minister of Health, Mr. Troy Shandro
Honourable Minister of Justice, Mr. Kaycee Madu