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“Government inaction on senior issues”

PRESSS RELEASE JULY 6, 2022 Alberta Seniors July 6, 2022 – Government Inaction on senior issues may be innocuous for politicians but not victims. . The Elder Advocates of Alberta Society asks how free and compassionate our society is if criminal charges are not laid against those who commit abusive crimes against seniors? Is it […]

Alberta Senior Citizens Left To Die

LEFT TO DIE. – March 2, 2021 Dr. Verna Yiu, President & CEO Alberta Health Services (AHS) Seventh Street Plaza, 14th Floor, North Tower 10030 – 107 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3E4 – Dear Madam: REFERENCE: AHS cancels contract with Calgary long term care facility, Millrise Seniors Village 14911 – 5th Street S.W. Calgary, […]

Brain of an Elderly Person

*THE BRAIN OF AN ELDERLY PERSON.* SOURCE: NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE The director of the George Washington University College of Medicine argues that the brain of an elderly person is much more plastic than is commonly believed. At this age, the interaction of the right and left hemispheres of the brain becomes harmonious, which […]

Half a Century of Deadly Senior Neglect

In December 2004 at the Jubilee Lodge Nursing Home, Edmonton, Jenny Nelson, an alzheimer patient was placed in a bath chair and slowly lowered into a tub of scalding hot water. She died. In December 2020, at the Cedars Villa Nursing Home, Calgary, on a cold wintry night, windchill -16, a 91 year old dementia […]

Human Rights Exist In A Pandemic

TRIBUNAL FOUND THAT CARE HOME DISCRIMINATED AGAINST RESIDENT WITH VISITOR RESTRICTIONS ————- Mariam Shanouda, Jessica De Marinis: ARCH Disability Law Centre BY Aidan Macnab 12 Apr 2021 In its first merits decision on the role of human rights in the COVID pandemic, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has found visitor restrictions at a care […]

A Shocking Parallel

In December 2004 at the Jubilee Lodge Nursing Home,Edmonton, Jenny Nelson was placed in a bath chair and slowly lowered into a tub of scalding hot water. She died In December 2020, at the Cedars Villa Nursing Home, Calgary, on a cold wintry night, windchill -22, a 91 year old dementia patient from a locked […]

Retaining Strong Brains in Old Age

WHY SOME PEOPLE RETAIN STRONG BRAINS INTO OLD AGE Researchers are exploring several theories to explain why some people’s cognitive abilities stay intact to the end of life. Perhaps they start out in life with larger, stronger brains. Or perhaps their brains somehow change to compensate for aging’s damaging effects. Another theory being pursued is […]

Bank Loan to Elder

ROYAL BANK GRANTED MY 74 YEAR OLD MOTHER A 4 64,000. LOAN FOR A TRUCK. I just wanted to include something i have personally gone through with my elderly mother. At age 74 Royal Bank granted my mother a $64,000.00 loan for a truck. My mother lives on a small pension but some how she […]

Rivera Clove Lakes Nursing Home – 40 dead

RIVERA CLOVE LAKES NURSING HOME 40 DEAD, 40 LAID OFF IN NURSING HOME CRISIS. On a recent morning in Staten Island, the quiet at Clove Lakes Health Care & Rehabilitation Center was unsettling. Employees in sanitary gowns and face masks moved through a brightly decorated front area devoid of residents or chatter. Six months ago, […]

Tony Flores, Public Trustee, Bullies Client

April 4, 2017 Via Facsimile – (780) 422 9136 Mr. Tony Flores, Public Trustee Representative Office of the Public Trustee, 4th Floor, Brownlee Bldg. 10365 97 Street, Edmonton, AB. T5J 3Z8 Dear Mr. Flores: Threatening, bullying telephone call to XXX XXXXX– April 4, 2017 On April 4, 2017 you spoke with XXXXXXXX by telephone. She […]

Patrick G. Hartnett RN

May 8, 2013 Via Facsimile 780 453 0546 Your File 50, 461 – (11/12)-1 Ms. Sue Chandler, Complaints Director, College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta 11620 168 Street Edmonton, AB T5M – 4A6 Complaint against Patrick G.Hartnett RN, # 50461 Villa Caritas Geriatric Center 16515 88 Avenue Edmonton, AB. T5R 0A4 REFERENCE: xxxxxx […]

City of Edmonton Priorities

When we see bike lanes that receive priority snow clearing service and then we consider how seniors with limited mobility are fined if the walks are not cleared in a timely manner it is revealing as to what is important to our City officials. Those with privileged mobility are given special attention to celebrate their […]