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Points West Living Care Centre, Grande Prairie, AB. The husband
of a resident at the Points West Living Center made a complaint
to the Protection For Persons in Care (PPCA) concerning the care
of his wife.
A severe banning followed. Administrative staff informed husband,
that he was restricted to a one hour a week visit, Wednesdays at
noon. He was also strongly informed that visiting any other time
would result in police being called.
On Tuesday, facility staff left message for husband to call
concerning the care of his wife. He returned the call. Senior
staff then said that because he had called the facility, was
banned for the Wednesday visit. Feeling this to be an egregious
injustice, he went anyway. He visited his wife. Police were
When RCMP Officers arrived and observed husband quietly sitting,
visiting his wife, they left.
It is time that our Police Services across the province, refuse
to be the enforcers in these arbitrary situations, refuse to
hand cuff, ticket & remove decent law abiding, tax paying citizens
from visiting their loved ones in elder care facilities.
The obvious intent of which, is to control family, patients,
advocates and even staff from speaking out when the care system
is abusive. 12/09/14