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Bashir Quereshi, PDD Theft

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Misspent Monies
Contracted Group Homes

Annual Report of the Auditor General of Alberta 2003.2004 7 Persons with developmental Disabilities Community Boards:
contracting . page 106

In 2003-2004, the PDD Boards paid $342 million to provide services to adults with developmental disabilities. Although there are approximately 900 service providers, 100 service providers receive 90% of the funding from the Boards.

At the request of management, we performed a forensic audit on the contracting practices of two service providers that led to the recommendation that the PDD Boards audit those service providers with a high risk of breaching their contracts. One Board is currently trying to recover $3.38 million from a service provider.

Following our forensic audit work on specific contracts, we audited the Boards. Contracting policies and monitoring processes. We have recommended that the Boards strengthen their contract management by improving the accountability reporting of service providers, instituting risk-based internal audits, and evaluating service performance. Failure to properly control contractual obligations can result in a reduced standard of care for clients and excessive costs.


May 16, 2005

Ms. Sheila Weatherall, CEO Capital Health Authority Edmonton, AB.
University of Alberta

Dear Ms. Weatherall:

Pearl Villa Homes (Group Homes) Bashir Quereshi

The Auditor General’s Report of 2004 reported that Pearl Villa Homes were found to have misspent $3.4 million dollars.

Pearl Villa Homes had been given a multi million – dollar contract with most of the money intended to pay employees providing client care. But over three years, one fifth of that money either should have been spent on direct care or returned to the province, and it was not.

Please advise us as to what has been done about retrieving this money which was intended for the care of frail, vulnerable, elderly Albertans?

Thank you. We would be grateful to be in receipt of a response by the 26th of May, 2005.

Elder Advocates Of Alberta Per:

The Honourable Ms Yvonne Fritz, Minister Seniors and Community Support Services Honourable Ms. Iris Evans, Minister of Health and Wellness
Dr. Kevin Taft, MLA, Leader of the Official Opposition.
Mr. Brian Mason, Leader of the Alberta New Democrat Party
The Honourable Ron Stevens, Minister of Justice and Attorney General
The Honourable Premier, Mr. Ralph Klein


Media Information

Pearl Villa Homes

Correspondence has been sent to Ms. Sheila Weatherall, President & CEO Capital Health Authority, requesting information concerning the Pearl Villa Homes and misspent monies.

According to the Auditor General’s Report of 2004, Pearl Villa Homes were found to have misspent $3.4 million dollars.

The recipient / owner of a generous contract with the Capital Health Authority for some 10 contracted Group Homes is now working as a Realtor in Alberta and Victoria, British Columbia, is licensed with the Edmonton Real Estate Board, the Real Estate Council of Alberta and the Real Estate Council of British Columbia.

These taxpayer monies were intended for the care of frail, vulnerable, elderly Albertans?