"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

“Bed Blockers, Elder Abuse”

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Bed Blockers Subsidize Hospitals

An alarming number of seniors, who are admitted to hospital for care, are never allowed to return their homes. Across the province, 100’s of seniors are languishing in uncomfortable, hospital beds. Many have been declared incompetent, stripped of money & rights, receive minimal nursing care, receive no mental or physical stimulation or exercise, are not allowed off the ward, they are never taken out of doors for fresh air. Because there may be guards posted at their doors, they are not allowed to leave the unit, go for coffee to a restaurant area. Many are detained like maximum security prisoners, except prisoners detained in prisons have rights.

Many are kept in pyjamas / night clothes.
We have been told that no one is available to wash their street clothes. Furthermore if they escaped, they would be improperly clothed.

We have known some seniors to be detained in these horrific circumstances for up to a year.

These elderly are frequently MALIGNED as being

WE allege that these seniors are subsidizing the system.

These hapless seniors are then classified as ‘long- term care’ patients & forced to pay monthly room & board of between $1500 & $1700. Furthermore, long-term care patients under the Canada Health Act are allotted approximately $5,000 monthly federal health care dollars for nursing care when in long term care. Where is this allotted money being directed?

This may explain why, for decades, there has been failure by government to provide necessary long- term care beds.

Effective July 1, 2018
Based on 2.2% increase in the Alberta Consumer Price Index*
Room Type Daily Adjustment Avg. Monthly Adjustment
Private room $66.95 $1.45/day $2,036 $44/month
Semi-private $57.90 $1.25/day $1,761 $38/month
Standard $55.00 $1.20/day $1,673 $37/month
*As published by Statistics Canada, for the 12 month period ending on February 28, 2018.